Isn’t This Racism?

I just saw this in the BBC sidebar:

“Isn’t the implication that blacks need to learn how to be better fathers racism?”, I asked myself.

I clicked the link and it’s a video about how fathers in Rwanda are taking classes to learn how to change diapers as part of a program funded by Western NGOs.

The video absolutely is racist, in that it portrays blacks as a bunch of primitive morons who need to learn from white people how to properly behave. This is happening while we’re being told in the West that “we have a lot to learn” from the blacks.

Who is learning what here?

This whole thing with enforcing Western cultural norms on third world people is actually the exact same thing as colonialism, just with a different set of values.

I’m not sure how they get away with promoting this, given that it is in violation of their own core principles, which are that everyone does things differently and that this is good.

I’m not even trying to do the Breitbart bit of “look at these people violating their own principles” – I’m just trying to understand what is going on.

Why do Rwandan blacks need to be taught feminist parenting?

What is the end goal of such a project?

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Ostensibly, the purpose is to teach the blacks how to behave like Westerners so that we can open the borders and combine every country together and have everyone basically be on the same page.

But does anyone think that is going to work with the blacks?

And why would we want to do it in the first place? Why would the blacks want to do it? Why would anyone believe in this bizarre agenda?

Because of the Jews?