Islamic Terrorist Cannibal Reza Aslan Threatened an Attack If RBG was Replaced. Will He Follow Through?

Reza Aslan is a standard immigrant to the United States: a Moslem from Iran who left his country to come to ours and whine about it, to try to transform it.

He is fixated with lecturing us on how bad and evil we are, and how we need to become better, like him and other brown people.

It’s confusing within his rationale why he is here at all. It’s always confusing with these leeches. If white people are crap and brown people are great, why will none of them live in brown countries? And why are brown countries such shitholes?

Look at him lecturing:

Take a step back and think about what is going on here: a brown person lecturing a white person on how to run a society is like Jackson Pollock lecturing Michelangelo on how to paint.

This is Iran:

This is America:

He thinks he’s in a position to lecture us on how to run a country.

CNN thought he was in a position to do that and gave him a show. Then it was canceled, I think because he did cannibalism.

Actually, that cannibalism thing is the only thing I know about him, other than that he’s an especially whiny and ungrateful immigrant, similar to some other Moslems that I’m aware of.

Moslems are the most hostile immigrants, to the point that they regularly just slaughter us outright.

Aslan himself recently threatened to commit a terrorist attack if his demands were not met.

That is from September 19.

It is now October 27, and RBG is officially replaced.

So, Aslan: you gonna do that terrorist attack you threatened?

You’re a big man, a terrorist and a cannibal – what’re you gonna do?

I would hope that the feds are watching him.

How insane is it that Moslems are allowed to openly threaten terrorist attacks on the country on Twitter, whilst the president is getting censored?

Is Amy Two Names planning on doing something about that situation?