Islamic Fellow Jailed for Six Months for Violating 14-Day Quarantine

It’s progress!

The encroaching brown army is not big on the whole “stay in your house and do nothing indefinitely” situation.

It’s probably racist to force them to conform to the White Man’s wild neurosis?


An Australian man who repeatedly broke a mandatory 14-day Covid-19 quarantine has ended up in isolation for far longer after a court slapped him with a six-month jail term.

The 31-year-old Perth man, Yusuf Karakaya, was sentenced by an Australian court on Monday. Handing out the harsh sentence for the quarantine breach, the court said it was necessary to “send the message” to others who dare to challenge Covid-19 rules. It also took into account Karakaya’s earlier month-long conviction.

He promptly grew weary of the isolation, however, escaping the hotel somehow and then bringing a ladder to it with the help of an accomplice. The man then used the ladder at least three times to sneak out of the quarantine facility. After the ladder was discovered and removed by the hotel staff, Karakaya received another one from his accomplice and breached the quarantine again.

The man was ultimately apprehended by police at his girlfriend’s house, where he was discovered hiding in a cupboard. In his defense, Karakaya explained that it was his girlfriend’s birthday and if he did not show up for it he would be in trouble.

The man is not the only Australian to get into legal trouble for defying coronavirus restrictions. At least four people previously received jail terms for breaching quarantines, including one who, like Karakaya, got six months behind bars.

The first person was a white woman. It just happened last week. They’re getting more and more hardcore with this stuff, and it does not coincide with the virus getting worse or any such issue.

It’s obvious that the plan from the beginning was to slowly ratchet things up.