Islam is Right About Women

Say what you want about Moslems, but they are on the ball when it comes to dealing with the vaginal menace.

Daily Mail:

An Iranian undercover morality agent spat at teenage girls and asked them ‘where’s your dirty owner’ after seeing them without a hijab.

In a shocking video, which has been circulating on social media, a man stops his car and gets out before hurling abuse at the youngsters.

During the heated exchange on the side of the road in Kermanshah, Iran, he says to the girls ‘I’ll f*** your mother’ and claims their behaviour is ‘immoral’ while a police officer appears to do nothing about the incident.

Wearing a hijab has been compulsory for women in Iran since the Islamic revolution in 1979, a rule which is enforced by the state’s morality police.

The video shows, as tensions between the man and the teenagers grow, the man’s wife gets out of the car and says ‘apologise to my husband so he won’t hit you’.

The woman informs them that her husband is from the intelligence services and could get them arrested.

After the man spits in the girls’ faces, another woman wearing a hijab pushes him.

A police car arrives shortly afterwards but the officer watches from afar and the teenagers scream: ‘Officer, why aren’t you doing anything?’

Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist who has been campaigning against the compulsory hijab law, shared the video with her 195,000 followers on Twitter.

Yes, again you have the “revolutionary disguised as journalist” trope. We see this story the same day we see the story that the UN demands journalists be given special permission to start riots in America.

Alinejad looks Jewish or part Jewish.

I wish my country had morality police.

Virtually every single problem in this country would be solved automatically if we just cracked down on these sluts. They are the root of every other form of trouble.

Instead of the morality police, in America we have the Joke Police who shut down websites and get people fired because they don’t think anything is funny.