Islam in America: Somalian Colony in Minnesota

February 5, 2015

I have always found it ironic that America’s leaders claim to be fighting a “war on terror”, yet continually import massive waves of immigrants from terrorist hotbeds into our country.


In this post, I will be highlighting the American government’s insane program of importing thousands of immigrants from arguably the most hellish nation on earth: Somalia.

Who in their right mind would ever believe that importing Somalian Muslims into the American heartland is a good idea?  For one, it is an absolute fact that Islamic culture is incompatible with Western culture.  Additionally, Somalia is a dysfunctional, chaotic state that was until recently, run by Islamic warlords who enforced Sharia law.

Frankly, choosing Somalia as a source for immigration is akin to reviewing the menu at a restaurant, selecting the least appetizing item on that menu, then placing an order for that item.  Somalia is one of the last nations on earth we should be accepting immigrants from, but astonishingly, our “leaders” seem to think it is a great idea.

How did this come about?  Why would the American government import culturally incompatible aliens, originating in terrorist hotspots, into our country?  I can sum up the answer with one word: Democrats.

The Democrat Resettlement Program

The Democrat Resettlement Program, formally known as the Refugee Admissions Program, has blessed the great state of Minnesota with a steady influx of Somalians.

An American ISIS soldier
An American ISIS soldier

I believe that it is important for Americans to be informed about the individuals behind this program.  The following passage should give you a clue.

  • The resettlement program gets its authority from the Refugee Act of 1980, sponsored by the late Senator Ted Kennedy and former Senator Joe Biden, and is overseen by the U.S. Department of State. The act allows the refugees to become U.S. citizens within five years. Once here, the refugees are allowed to bring in extended family members through the State Department’s Family Reunification program.”

As you can see, America’s Refugee Resettlement Program was sponsored by two Americans who have done more damage to the American Republic than almost any others.

Ted Kennedy is notorious for sponsoring the Immigration Act of 1965, which transformed the United States from a European nation into a Balkanized, fragmented nation.

Although Kennedy promised Americans that this immigration act would not upset the ethnic balance of our nation, European-Americans (at the time 86% of the population) are now on the path to minority status.

As for Mr. Biden, he has overseen the Obama administration’s blatant disregard for border security and immigration law, and has supported King Obama’s executive amnesty program, designed to provide five million illegal Democrats with legal status.

Nevertheless, the Democrat plan to replace America’s European population with a new population of third-world dependents has severely weakened the Democrat brand, especially among their largest voting block, working-class European Americans.

Current Congressional Map of the United States, a sea of Red
Current Congressional Map of the United States, a sea of Red

And although former Democratic Senator Jim Webb is urging his party to focus more on “white, working people”, I implore working-class white Americans to continue to turn away from that party of traitors.

Somalian Refugees in Minnesota

Somalian refugees have enriched Minnesota with a heavy dose of good old-fashioned diversity.  Formerly a state primarily populated by Americans of German and Scandinavian ancestry, characterized by safe streets and civility, Minnesota is now a breeding ground for homegrown terrorism and Somalian gang activity.

Since Minnesota has been designated a “U.S. Refugee Resettlement Area”, Somalian gangs such as “the Somali Hot Boyz”, “the Somali Mafia”, and “Madhibaan with Attitude” now terrorize the streets of Minnesota.

Somalian gang members implicated in interstate underage prostitution ring
Somalian gang members implicated in interstate underage prostitution ring

Moreover, Minnesota is now a prime recruiting zone for the Somalian-based Islamic terror group “Al-Shabaab”.  Additionally, an estimated 15 Somalian-“Americans” from Minnesota have joined the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

But the terrorist ties do not end there.  Following the Westgate Shopping Mall attack in Kenya in 2013, in which Al-Shabaab terrorists murdered 67 people and wounded 175, Kenyan authorities revealed that one of the attackers was an American who had lived in Minnesota.

Somalians in Minnesota also played a major role in electing Muslim congressmen Keith Ellison.  Ellison has blamed America for his Somalian constituents’ propensity for terrorism, citing lack of integration and high unemployment as the reason for their “vulnerability” to terrorist recruitment.

So as the Somalian community in Minneapolis seeks answers to gun violence in their city, I urge Americans to seek answers to the mass immigration of Somalians into their communities.


It is apparent that Democrats are importing massive waves of Muslims into the United States.  Minnesota is just one of many victims of their devious agenda.

Simply put, importing Islam into our nation is a recipe for disaster, especially in today’s age of global Jihad.

Americans must reject the delusional leftist notion of cultural relativism and come to grips with the fact that Islamic culture is not compatible with ours.  In my opinion, Islamic culture is clearly inferior to Western culture.

A simple, straightforward solution to the global refugee crisis would entail Muslim refugees being resettled in Muslim nations, and Christian refugees (e.g. Ukrainian refugees) being resettled in Western/Christian nations.  This would reduce the problems associated with integration and cultural incompatibility.

To be blunt, importing Islamic terrorism into the United States is irresponsible, imprudent, and disturbing.  Americans don’t need to be “enriched” with Muslim diversity.  In fact, I believe that our civilization would be much better off without the cancerous Islamic presence currently plaguing our nations.