Islam Ain’t the Problem…

George Papailias
Daily Stormer
June 18, 2016


There I said it… got your attention didn’t I? Well before you jump to conclusions with the torches and the pitchforks hear me out. Ok… the fact of the matter is the problem we face today is quite different than what happened in the past.

All joking aside there is a very good reason and a very important purpose for making this statement. The threat to Europe at this present time, is being covered by “far-right” movements with the smokescreen of “Islam and Sharia Law” while the whole reason Europe is dealing with all these invaders is straight up ignored!

“Lessons from the past.”

Before we talk about the situation of today, I would like to share with you a little history that can teach a lesson about the present. As a person of Greek descent, unlike many Europeans I actually have great grandparents who were born under Moslem occupation and died after the occupation had been defeated, surviving the war. The Ottomans then had instituted a system where Greek Orthodox Christians were mostly living in isolated areas while Moslems and Jews occupied all the port cities wheeling and dealing, giving the Christians the highest tax, which they would collect by sending a tax collector to remote places to collect what Turks called the “Haratsi.”

This occupation was able to last because of such a financial system,  Turks and Albanian converts to Islam, and traitors given a favorable standard of living provided the stability needed in which to maintain it. When resistance started forming, before the conflict with the Turks became a total war, there was a kind of violent civil war among Greeks that began. This became the era of “fire and axe”.

1656216_585111231600650_4777328544796794881_n-375x500Fire and Axe

“Give me the papers of Greeks who kneel to the sultans and the traitors in every village across the nation to burn them. Every place and every village that betrays our nation and it’s long battle to freedom,I will smash it, burn it and destroy it! FIRE AND AXE TO THOSE WHO KNEEL!”

– Kolokotronis, General of the Greek Revolution.

Now most people who have heard of Kolokotronis and this phrase mistakenly believe “Fire and Axe” was some kind of battle cry about killing Turks. In reality, the meaning had to do with what he did to the other Greeks. During this period many Greeks did not want to risk death by fighting the Turks, some were even given additional tax breaks and other benefits if they would sign papers promising not to revolt.

Put simply, Kolokotronis would ride into these villages and ask the Greeks to join him in fighting the Turks. Some of these villagers would tell him “We are afraid and we don’t want to fight, we will just continue to pay the tax and play it safe.”   Kolokotronis would then respond to that by burning the entire village to the ground (Fire) and kill every man in the village (Axe). The villagers thought they were being very smart only to discover they were very stupid.

This aspect is no longer taught in Greek schools for obvious reasons.  But what does this have to do with Islam and what we face today?

The Reality of Europe Today


Right Wingers showing their “European Values” to “Fight Islam.” Vowing revenge for the Moslems slaughter of their beloved faggots. #NotMyFaggots

We are being told by “right wingers” that there is a “clash of civilizations” where our “European Values” are under attack by “Islam.”  Yet unlike the Ottoman Empire of old, these Moslems are not collecting taxes from us and living the good life, nor are they self-funding their invasion. Sure there are some Saudis sending money to build mosques and Islamic schools. But what these “right wingers” don’t tell you is that this so called “Islamic takover” is being funded by a bunch of Europeans who are are either brainwashed by Judeo-Marxism, or going with the plan because they make a fortune doing it.

Now some would tell me “hey, but it is Jews funding this invasion!” Yeah, but guess what they are using your traitors and your money to pay for it!

Didn’t you ever wonder why some people are always acting “surprised” and upset that low IQ desert people are doing barbaric things, and acting as if “Islam” is the reason for that and not simply the fact that no matter what voodoo they believe in, they are still low IQ desert people?

It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how many times many western Europeans get raped or murdered by Moslems, they act shocked every time as if it is some kind of amazing happening.  I suppose their amazement is similar to how I felt as a kid when I first saw the Super Nintendo. Greeks hearing stories about Moslems acting this way is like hearing about the fact that bears shit in the woods. The reality is even before many of these people had converted to Islam, our ancestors described their barbaric habits centuries before Jesus.

ancient arabs

If these people complaining were really serious about solving this problem, even if they were people unaware of the role of international Jewry, they would be following the money and fighting anyone who thinks its a good idea to give the desert people money. Wouldn’t it be better if instead of these people protesting desert people attacking Swedish faggots or not respecting British semi-hookers at a pub, put that energy into fighting the people who support the desert people? Financially, morally or whatever (more details here).

Imagine if every Swedish or German social democrat working at a government office was afraid to give welfare money to Moslems, fearing harassment or pressure from Nationalists? Imagine if a whole political movement was centered around cutting off the supply lines to Moslems and other Invaders in these countries? Instead of “PEGIDA,” imagine if all that hatred and fear currently focused on hadjis was directed at the traitorous scum who make it possible for these hadjis to live in Europe collecting 4 thousand euros a month and having 5 kids?

It has already been proven, as in the case of Poland, that Moslems will voluntarily leave if the welfare payments are too low.  Imagine if all nations in Europe wouldn’t give Moslems a dime, and more importantly, created conditions that punished those who help them so severe they would be afraid to give a Moslem a box of Tic-Tacs.

My friends, it is high time we stop being so forgiving to our own kind, it’s time we stop giving every asshole who looks like us a free pass because “he is brainwashed”or “he doesn’t have all the facts,” like the cuckservatives say. Talking about the threat of the invaders or international Jewry is all well and good, but those around us who commit such treachery must face consequences if we are to win this war. It is time to bring back the spirit of fire and axe.  These traitors are willing to have you and everyone you care about get raped or murdered so their own family can prosper. It is time you all rethink your compassion towards your “misguided white brothers.”