ISIS-Supporting Nog Who Stabbed a White FBI Agent Gets 17 Years

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2018

Fareed Mumuni.

Will the FBI now support netgun nationalism?

New York Daily News:

A knife-wielding ISIS wannabe is getting a 17-year term for his terrorist aspirations and attack on an FBI agent.

Fareed Mumuni and his associates were plotting a pressure-cooker bomb attack in the New York area and trying to get ISIS sympathizers to Syria, according to Brooklyn federal prosecutors.

When the feds arrived at his Staten Island home in June 2015 with a search warrant, Mumuni, 23, lunged with a kitchen knife at one unsuspecting FBI agent.

The blade didn’t pierce the body armor agent Kevin Coughlin opted to put on at the last minute.

Kevin Coughlin.