ISIS has No Trouble Raising Funds in France

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 27, 2018

Turns out that ISIS and Al-Qaeda have hundreds of big-moneyed donors in Western countries wiring them money and the intelligence agencies seems to be pretty chill about it all.


A Paris prosecutor has identified more than 400 financial donors to Islamic extremist groups like the Islamic State and Al Qaeda in France. French officials identified another 320 fundraisers for jihadists in Turkey and Libya.

Speaking to French media on Wednesday, prosecutor Francois Molins warned of the relatively low cost of modern terrorism, and said he was alarmed at how terrorist groups have been able to “microfinance” their activities by raising “small but significant amounts” through its donors and money-laundering operations.

“It is through these modes of financing; prepaid cards, donations to humanitarian associations, gifts to collectors, the use of some virtual modes of payment. All that means that, at the end of the day, organizations can receive this type of money and prepare a certain number of actions in France or abroad,” Molins said in an interview with FranceInfo.


Meanwhile, the Stormer has to rely on crypto donations.

Following the money says a lot about the world. Is a certain organization allowed to get donations? Are they allowed to raise funds by the state? Chances are, they are in cahoots with some department or some faction of the Deep State.

And really, almost all of the Western governments have had their hand in funding the rise of radical Islam in the middle-east, Africa and central Asia.

The only state that really combatted the rise of Islam in the 20th century was the Soviet Union – because they were militant atheists who wanted to effect the Imperium of Man a few millenium early and because of geopolitical concerns.

But from Lawrence of Arabia onwards, the British government, the American government and the French governments have all been playing games in the Moslem world.

Lawrence was literally a big fucking flaming faggot btw, look it up.

The reason that many of these terrorists are allowed to stay and operate in these Western countries is because the intelligence communities want to use them abroad.

The people who launched the Arab Spring and started the civil war in Lybia were all living in France and Britain at the time. They were allowed to travel to these countries, no questions asked. They would then return to fundraise, recruit and then go back over to fight Ghadaffi.

These are the same people who started stirring up shit in Syria in the early days of protests and civil unrest.

Again. Let me be clear. Western intelligence services allow communities of terrorist Moslems to live in their countries because they are planning on using them in a regime change operation in the future. 

There’s your explanation for why these ISIS terrorists are allowed free reign in Europe. A few dead Whites is a small price to pay for regime change in the middle-east.

Remember Omar Mateen?

That’s his father at the State Department. Mr. Mateen was in the Taliban and brought over to the United States in the 80s.

And why would the American government bring him over?

Oh yeah, that’s right.

The thing is, it’s always the grandkids that have to pay for the mistakes of their grandparents. None of us are to blame for the CIA’s plans to awaken the Islamic world and use it as a bludgeon against the USSR and the last of the European colonies.

Previous generations let it happen.

And now, we get to enjoy the fallout.