Is Your Entire YouTube Experience Filled with MILO and McInnes?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 12, 2016


Recently, the world’s number one YouTuber, PewDiePie, complained about how YouTube was manipulating their algorithm against him. That is, his videos were not showing up on the front page or in the sidebar, and thus his views had dropped by 30%. He posited that this was an anti-white conspiracy against him, and that they want to replace him with a non-white woman.

I believe this is probably correct. YouTube, which is owned by Jew Google, can’t possibly be comfortable with a confirmed master race Aryan being their top vlogger.


I have personally noticed another form of algorithm manipulation on YouTube, which several of my comrades have confirmed: people who watch Alt-Right related videos are bombarded with Gavin McInnes and MILO, two anti-racist “Alt-Lite” figures who I believe are complete poison.

I have spent the last three weeks marking videos with either of these people with “not interested.”


But it just won’t stop. I am having them forced down my throat.

Right now I have one of each of them, right towards the top, while watching a Tucker Carlson video.


And one of those is from a specific channel – Jew Ezra Levant’s “Rebel Media” – which I have marked “not interested” on at least twenty times.

It appears that there is literally no way to stop McInnes and MILO videos from appearing in your feed.

And here’s the thing: I have hardly ever watched either of these people, at all. The only time I have ever watched them is when they were talking about me. And I watched two McInnes videos about a year ago when he was flipping out about people calling him a cuck on Twitter, plus the one with weev.

And yet this has been a constant thing. I just only recently figured out you could mark “not interested” – but it really hasn’t helped. Maybe a little bit. But I still see these people’s faces every day, invading my YouTube experience – while I’m still not seeing PewDiePie, whose videos I actually do watch.

Other YouTubers that I do watch – and am actually subscribed to – are also generally absent from my feed and sidebar. This is especially the case for political videos – random funny things and music I’m subscribed to do show up.

It appears that if you are watching other Alt-Right related videos, you get flooded with these two guys. I can’t imagine what this is other than a purposeful attempt to redirect people interested in the Alt-Right to these two plastic hoax figures who have attempted to co-opt our movement and flood it with love for Jews.

Please tell us in the comments if you are also experiencing this. It’s something that we need more research into, to the point where we can confront YouTube on it. It is unethnical to manipulate an algorithm for the purpose of pushing a political agenda.