Is This Woman Infected with Coronavirus White?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2020

A fat American woman featured in the above CNN segment has allegedly contracted the Coronavirus while aboard the Floating Coffin “Diamond Princess” Cruise Ship.

She appears to be a white person.


However, it is possible that she could be half Asian. Probably half Japanese.

This chick from Star Trek: Picard is half-Filipina and actually kind of looks like a skinnier version of her.

Although to be fair, the Coronavirus victim has a much longer nose (that actually looks possibly even Jewish).

Furthermore: even SARS infected some white people. Just not very many, relatively.

So, if 1-2% of the cases are white and the rest are Asian, we still do not have much to worry about.

But it is just nuts that the media and governments refuse to discuss this issue. If we are looking at a pandemic, we should be given information about it. The government should not be hiding this information in order to be politically correct. That is lunacy.

This Japan Death Trap situation is lunacy as well.

The number of infected on the cruise ship is at 63 at the time of writing, and there are new infections daily. Most of the people are in rooms without windows, forced to stay in them nearly 24 hours a day, using recycled air. The 14-day quarantine has to begin at the time of the last infection, and at this rate, everyone on the boat is going to be infected.

What are they doing?

They should have removed these people from the boat and taken them to a quarantine facility in buses. Or something. Surely, there is a better way to deal with this than just letting everyone breathe recycled virus air until they all have the disease.

Maybe they just want to kill all of these people for being such tasteless slobs as to ride on a cruise ship? If that’s the case, I agree with their judgement.