Is This White Supremacy Now? I am Thinking So.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2017

Someone on Gab used the term “Oxford Comma” – something which I don’t use, am opposed to the use of and do not allow others to use on my website.

And although I have to edit them out of Eric Striker’s articles – yeah, Striker, I’m callin you out brah – I do not generally think of the term “Oxford Comma.”

So of course, upon hearing the term, I did what anyone in my age group would do and I thought of the thing.

This one.

And I watched it.

A couple of times.

Vampire Weekend’s “Oxford Comma” video.

It is a horrible alt-pop-whatever song from a horrible alt-pop-whatever band. Jewish band. The singer, Ezra Koenig is Jewish. I assume other members of the band are.

The McDonald’s-tier afro-beat is dopamine blackmail. The audio version of pornography.

That guitar solo is the audio equivalent of ejaculating into a sock.

But wow, that video is something.

Directed by a British mulatto, Richard Ayoade, it is a beautiful single shot of well-dressed white people (and at least one white-presenting Jew) in a field near a farm in autumn going through a series of what could now only be called “white people tropes.”

I’m not sure where it was filmed, but it looks like the fields of my home in central Ohio.

The video came out in 2008.

After a decade, if this were released, would it be called “white supremacy”?

I am almost certain it would be.

Regardless of the lead kike.

Regardless of the Negro director.

It’s ostensibly white people, in a white setting, using appropriated beats – even an appropriated rap lyric – marketed directly and clearly exclusively to white people.

100% exclusively to white people, by the way. I lived in Asia in 2008 and didn’t hear it ever in public, despite it being played in a loop on American and British radio.

There is no way this could be made now.

If somehow it did get made, it would be universally denounced as evil.

Same with pretty well all 00s music.

As the regular reader is aware I have a fixation with the 80s and regularly note that virtually none of the entertainment created in that decade could be produced by a major music or film company today. Not even the black stuff.

But the changes in norms in the last decade are simply incredible.

A Blink 182 concert in current year would be labeled “the modern equivalent of a Klan rally.”

I can see the Salon headline now: “Blink 182 and the Tasteless Normalization and Glorification of the Fragile White Male’s Misogyny, Homophobia and Ethno-Centrism.”

Things like this are not made anymore because people know that they can’t make them. That the time for these things is over.

Because white people are simply not allowed to have nice things anymore.

We’re not allowed to have any things at all.

Even shit-tier, Jew-made things.

And that, my friends, is a fascinating realization.

And here’s another one: the Alt-Right is having so much success at organically creating a counter-culture because there isn’t a corporately manufactured culture that we are allowed to indulge in.