Is This the Face Mask We’ve All Been Looking For?

One of the most exciting things about being involved in the fight against the deadly coronavirus is all of the options we have for various masks, which can really help make the perfect outfit.

I recently picked up the latest zippered mask from Shut Your Mouth.

Not only is it practical, helping you to drink through a straw while also protecting you from the deadly coronavirus, it is also a great look.

I’ve been wearing it for three days straight, and the other thing about this mask you need to know is that it’s pure comfort. It’s comfortable all day long, and is great to wear while sleeping. When I’ve got this mask on, I feel like my face is lodged between Velvet’s tits.

The best part of all?

It’s only $30.

That’s right: for the same price as six coffees that somehow cost $5 each, you can get a mask that allows you to drink through a straw. And hey, with global warming, a lot of folks are drinking iced coffee. Guess what? You can drink iced coffee through a straw.

The zippered mask is the perfect option for modern living, staying cool and staying safe from the deadly coronavirus.

If we keep our masks on, stand six feet apart, and never leave our houses, then no one will ever die again.

The most important thing is that you find the best masks available for your own style, while keeping safe from the deadly coronavirus.

Make sure to keep your family safe as well.

I recently picked up one of these for my wife: