Is This Real Life? Iraq War Hoaxing NYT Jew Judith Miller Goes on Fox News to Promote Venezuelan War

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 2, 2019

In what may well be the most brazen example of Jewishness I’ve seen in days, disgraced New York Times journalist Judith Miller – the Jew responsible for the Iraq WMD hoax – went on Fox News to call for war on Venezuela.

This is aggressive mocking of the goyim. There is simply no reason to trot out this particular Jew female, known for purposefully lying to start the Iraq war, to promote yet another war, unless your specific goal is to humiliate the audience by rubbing their pitiful gullibility and lack of understanding into their own faces.

Not only did she appear on the Fox New TV channel, the Fox News website published an op-ed where she outlined reasons for war. Just exactly as she outlined reasons for the Iraq war.

She called on Donald Trump to support the coup that the fake president of Venezuela has labeled “operation freedom.” In case you don’t recall, the Bush War project was called “Operation Enduring Freedom.”

It is simply incredible. Nearly twenty years after the beginning of the disastrous Bush Wars, the media rolls out the same Jew who got caught lying about the need for a war in Iraq to lie about the need for a new interventionist war – with the same name – on a different continent.

Just in case you don’t get it yet: this is why people hate the Jews.