Is There a Single US Politician Who Will Side with the Palestinians?

The answer to the headline is obviously “no,” “nope,” and “nah, brah.”

It’s obvious, but it’s amazing to see.

Greg Abbot has gone so far as to falsely claim that he is going to stand with Israel.

Republicans actually took the line that Joe Biden is not doing enough to help the blood-drinking Christ-killers murder innocent people.

Lauren Boebert is that “far right” bitch, by the way.

She’s the one that goes on livestreams with her guns stacked up behind her.

But she’s not far-right on this issue – instead, she sides with:

  • The killers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  • International interventionism
  • Endless foreign aid
  • Israel First

There is no right-wing let alone “far-right” angle on saying that the United States should devote itself to protecting these sickening, evil Jews.

In theory you could say you just really hate Moslems and you want them all to die and you’ll support anyone who’s killing them.

But for some reason that stops being true with Chinese Moslems (who are actually terrorists and who China is not responding to by murdering children, leveling houses and stealing their land, by the way – two key points there).

When the discussion turns to China, Republicans in fact again side with Democrats and say that we have to go to war with the Chinese to protect Islamic terrorists.

Nikki Haley actually went out and said specifically that we need to help Israel slaughter Moslems while also stopping China from slaughtering Moslems. She said those two things in the same sentence.

So, it’s fair to say that support for Israel is not about a planned genocide of Moslems.

It is instead about the obvious thing that it is about: both parties are completely bought and paid for by Jews, so the only argument can be about who is doing the most for the Jews.

What do Republicans want Biden to do, exactly? What more can he do, than vocally support them while standing by and doing nothing to attempt to dissuade them from slaughtering people?

Should he go over and suck Bibi’s dick to help him relax from the stress of killing kids?

Or do these Republicans want him to send in American troops to help pile on Gaza?

They are kind of obligated to say exactly what more they want Biden to give these Jews.

But they won’t, because it would sound insane.

From the videos we’re seeing, Israel is doing just fine.

They’re destroying absolutely everything in Gaza.

They’re using lynch mobs to clear out houses throughout Israel.

They attacked one of the holiest sites in Islam with the military.

The best thing Joe Biden can do is just casually defend them, while not calling for any kind of peace or negotiations.

Russia is calling for a meeting on the conflict and Biden has failed to respond.

I just can’t think of anything Biden could do to – oh. Found it.


Ted Cruz is demanding the Jews get more missiles.

How many homeless are there in America, Ted? And you want to send taxpayer money to the sickening Jews who robbed our economy and sold us addictive drugs?

It would almost be more reasonable for Ted to demand Joe go blow Bibi to relieve his stress.

The argument for both parties compulsively shilling for these Jews is that Americans like it. I would like to see some 2021 polls on how many Americans support American taxpayer money helping the Jews slaughter people.

You know who’s not talking about Israel?

Tucker Carlson is not talking about Israel.

He’s talking about things that affect the lives of normal Americans.