Is the Unfunny Jewish Comedian Michael Ian Black a Homosexual Pedophile?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2018

Click this to enlarge it.

I had never seen all these Tweets together like that.

I’m not accusing this Jew of being a homosexual pedophile. That is libel.

I am simply saying that I just don’t see why he would make these tweets if he was not a homosexual pedophile.

Clearly, this is something that is on his mind a lot, and he seems to have a desire to share it with other people, presumably those who pick up on such things rather than just random normies.

He also has the physiognomy of a homosexual pedophile.

But arguably, all Jews do, I suppose.

For the record, the Jew is married to a woman. They have two children.

However, Jewish homosexual pedophiles pretending to be straight white men is absolutely a thing. He would not be the first such person.

Is there an possible explanation for these tweets that I’m missing?

Is it a joke?

Like those jokes about pederasty and bestiality on Seth O’MacFarlane’s “Family Guy”?

That was like ten years ago, and I was always like “why are we making jokes about this? Is it to normalize it?”

Anyway, the Ian Black tweets don’t even seem to be comedy, and they are actually suggesting sex with boys as a positive thing – whereas O’Family Guy is at least making it out to be a bad thing.

And O’MacFarlane did call out Kevin Spacey on the show, before it came out that he is a pederast.

He also created a real Star Trek show to compete with this shitty thing that is being called Star Trek now.

Which I appreciate.