Is the Evil Jewish Enterprise of Facebook Finished?

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 24, 2018

The mainstream media is now openly asking if the Jewish enterprise of Facebook is finished. That’s because the company has been dealing with multiple scandals in what has become a continuous public relations disaster for the social media giant.

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have collectively become an incredibly corrosive force on our culture. It is no coincidence that Jews are at the center of all these social media behemoths. That’s because Jews are involved with every corrosive force plaguing Western civilization. This is a simple objective fact for anybody willing to be honest with themselves.

Facebook’s top two people are Jews. The CEO is the Jew Mark Zuckerberg and the COO is the Jewess Sheryl Sandberg. YouTube’s CEO is the Jewess Susan Wojcicki. Twitter might not be run by a Jew, but its CEO Jack Dorsey has allowed the Jews at the Anti-Defamation League to dictate who is and who isn’t allowed on the site. So effectively, the three largest social media sites on the Internet are Jewish enterprises.

These sites are ruining the Internet. Instead of empowering the free flow of information, they have served to stifle it through political censorship. Instead of protecting user privacy they have deliberately trafficked user data for profit. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Specifically, Facebook is starting to run into serious trouble. Mainstream media outlets like the Independent, are running articles asking if the company is finished. This comes following revelations that Facebook was selling the private messages of their users to third parties. There is a very real prospect that they will face massive lawsuits over this.

But that’s just been the most recent scandal of many scandals surrounding Facebook. WIRED documented 21 separate Facebook scandals in 2018 alone. They’ve been mired in so many scandals that it’s been almost impossible to keep track of them. Suffice to say, they have managed to piss off people from all sides of the political spectrum due to the sheer scale of their unethical behavior.

Of course none of this is a surprise if you understand the general behavior of Jews. A company whose top leadership consists of Jews is one that you should expect not to have a moral compass. They took a product which could have theoretically been a good thing for the world and chose to exploit their users for maximum shekels. They cared nothing about the consequences.

They’ve effectively killed the goose that laid the golden egg.  This is reflected in the value of their stock which has lost around a third of its value over the past year.

The future definitely does not look good for Facebook. This is further evidenced by the fact that young people are choosing not to use it. They view Facebook as something that old people use. And it’s probably fair to say that Facebook stopped being cool back in the 00s. Or if we are to be generous, it may have reached peak cool when the Facebook based film “The Social Network” came out in 2010. That film not surprisingly was written by the Jew Aaron Sorkin and starred the Jews Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield.

The big question is, how many more scandals are we going to see before Facebook and these other social media behemoths face the full wrath of government regulation? Major action is justified and long overdue – and now both sides of the political spectrum are calling for it.

President Trump needs to get on this immediately before all of his supporters get banned from these sites. It is patently ridiculous that the entire digital public square is under the control of highly unethical Jews. Especially when one analyzes how they are managing these operations.

If there’s any good news, it is that the world of technology is rapidly evolving. MySpace was the industry standard back in the early 00s and now nobody uses it.

Could Facebook suffer the same fate? It is not outside the realm of possibilities.