Is the Evil Jewess Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead?

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2019

After missing a second straight day of court arguments, the general public is demanding proof that the old Jewish hag Ruth Bader Ginsburg is still alive.

The evil Jewish Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has missed two straight days of court arguments. This is an extreme rarity for Ginsburg considering the enthusiasm she has for kiking the goyim with her stupid court opinions.

The Hill:

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was absent from the Supreme Court bench for the second day in a row on Tuesday.

Chief Justice John Roberts noted Ginsburg’s absence when the justices took their seats for the second time in the new year.

Repeating what he said Monday, Roberts said Ginsburg is “unable to be present” for the court’s sitting, but will participate in the decisions using transcripts of the arguments and court briefs.

And why is this allowed? Are justices allowed to work remote? Is there precedence for this? It seems very odd that any judge or justice would be allowed to give their opinion on court cases without being physically present at the hearings.

Ginsburg, who was forced to miss her first oral argument in more than 25 years on Monday, is still recuperating at home after surgery to remove two cancerous nodules from the lower lobe of her left lung on Dec. 21.

The spots were found incidentally in an X-ray she had at George Washington University Hospital while being treated for fractured ribs, an injury she sustained after falling in her office on Nov. 7.

The Supreme Court said scans performed before surgery indicated no evidence of disease elsewhere in her body, and no further treatment is planned.

Ginsburg, 85, is known for her stamina, having already survived two bouts of cancer prior to this most recent diagnosis — colon cancer in 1999 and pancreatic cancer in 2009.

Her recent health scare has liberals fearing their legal hero, affectionately dubbed the “Notorious RBG,” may not be able to serve the five years she said she had left in her last July.

It would be in the public’s interest that we be given proof of life and assurances that she’s able to properly perform her duties. Especially considering this weird arrangement allowing her to give court opinions on cases where she isn’t even physically present. Because for all we know, it could be someone else writing the opinions on her behalf.

If we do not get proof of life over the next week or so, some serious questions will need to be asked. We have all these crazy leftists who want this old bitch to live forever so President Donald J. Trump isn’t allowed to select a third Supreme Court Justice. These are deranged people and they would absolutely go so far as to stage a hoax pretending that she’s alive. It would be like the Supreme Court version of that ridiculous 1980s movie Weekend at Bernie’s.

While this is admittedly an extreme scenario, we are dealing with people who specialize in promoting enormous lies. If they got away with lying about six million Jews getting gassed in fake shower rooms, it would not be impossible for them to lie about this.

Most likely though, Ginsburg is still alive but in poor health recovering from lung cancer surgery. Of course if we don’t see her in public soon, some proof of life must be offered. If this does not happen, it should be assumed that she can no longer perform her duties and President Trump should be called on to select an immediate replacement.