Is Stefan Molyneux Jewish?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 13, 2018

This is a pretty detailed video from our good lad Jean-Francis asking whether or not the most pompous of all YouTubers, Stefan Molyneux, who recently made a big show of defending the Jews, is actually himself Jewish.

I had personally thought previously that Molyneux was simply lying about being Jewish to impress libertarians, who are mostly Jewish. I had believed him when he said he was not actually Jewish.

Even when he was cucking or doing whatever sort of dirty tricks, I said “he says he’s not Jewish, he doesn’t look Jewish, he is pro-Jew so he doesn’t have any reason to lie about being Jewish.”

However, I was not aware of just how many times he had claimed to be Jewish. He claimed that a lot of times, as shown in this JF video. Many more times than the time that is so often cited, where he was giving a speech to a bunch of Jews, wherein it would have made sense for him to lie about it.

Ultimately, it is still not clear whether or not he is Jewish. But it is clear that he has repeatedly claimed to be Jewish, and then said he isn’t actually Jewish – over and over and over he’s done this.

It is clear that Molyneux has mental problems, so that should also be taken into consideration. He was the leader of a cult before becoming a YouTube personality.

I think a lot of his videos in 2015-16 were very good and useful. He went through the whole race thing, and did a lot of good videos about women, even though he is a white knight. I was also impressed with what appeared to be genuine reconsideration of his libertarian, atheistic and other previously held beliefs by a man of 50. It is very rare for a man that age to reconsider anything about his belief system – most people are fully locked in by the time they’re 25.

Then, I was a little bit shocked that in 2017, when I became the most censored person ever in human history, he, the brave defender of free speech, did not see fit to mention it.

He has now gone into full money-world, not doing any content of all of any real value, simply going around with various pointless losers like Jordan Peterson, Lauren Southern and Mike Cernovich and getting money.

I still do not have an opinion necessarily on whether or not Molyneux is Jewish. However, I think it is clear that he is a liar and a charlatan.