Is Might Always Right?

Brett Light
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2013

Is it?
Is it?

We often hear the phrase ‘Might is Right’ among those who know about Race and The Jew.  So what exactly does this phrase mean? Is Might Right? What are we trying to say when using this phrase?

This is what I think:

There are two lines of thought which need to be defined here:

1.)    We can be talking about what is natural, i.e. Nature. All true philosophies are coherent with nature’s law; otherwise they eventually crumble under the weight of their internal contradictions. Nature is what it is, therefore Nature represents the forces of natural selection, survival of the fittest, etc. Whatever occurs in Nature is natural, whether it is a desirable to man or not. It just is.

2.)    We could also be talking about a Moral Code of right and wrong. In a technical sense, ‘right and wrong’ are abstract concepts which Nature pays no regard to. But this is only in a technical sense, as we are natural beings and have developed ethical codes which serve to ensure our survival. This morality is rooted in what is beneficial for the collective.  For example: we don’t go around murdering people, because this would lead to a chaotic, Africa-like social situation, and we do help people in need, because it strengthens the whole of the community when we work together and take care of each other. In a White society,  what is right and what is wrong is just basic common sense.

The contradiction I see in the phrase ‘Might is Right’ is that ‘Might’ translates into ‘Force,’ which is what governs the natural world, while the other half of the phrase says that it is ‘Right.’ When we judge something to be right or wrong, we do so by our own moral concept of what is right and what is wrong.

The use of force is something that the Aryan man would often consider immoral.  Rape is a good example, as is any other instance of the strong exploiting, or feeding on the weak.

Nature doesn’t pay much regard to whether we like something or not. Whatever is meant to happen happens. If a good strong person gets struck down with a disease and dies an undeserved early death, is that ‘right’? Of course it isn’t, but Nature allowed it to happen. Clearly, we judge whether something is right or wrong by our own moral and ethical standards, which exist on a higher plane than the amoral material realm. Therefore, Might is not necessarily Right, but it is most definitely Reality.

The phrase ‘Might is Right’ is an unnecessarily confusing phrase, as it mixes the the law of the material world with the higher law of man.

Does this mean that we National Socialists, who believe in Nature as our god, are bad, horrible people? Do we want cruel, brutal, and unjust things dealt by Nature to happen to unfortunate beings? Of course we don’t. We simply acknowledge that we are a part of Nature, and we will never master Nature. How arrogant and conceited would we have to be to believe that we know better than Nature? Nature created everything on this earth and is therefore the ultimate boss! How can we say that Nature’s seemingly random acts of cruelty and unfairness aren’t done for some unknown reason, like a ‘cruel-to-be-kind’ method of assisting a species to evolve upwardly?

We don’t know all the mysteries or the reasoning of Nature. She is a mysterious creature who clearly has some different methods when compared to our Higher Morality. Our moral code only applies among our White Race, is unique to us, and in an overall sense, it is how we would desire Nature to be – fair, just, decent, equitable. The fact that Nature doesn’t reflect only us, but also everything else she created, is why we are outraged by some seemingly unjust natural occurrences.

National Socialists believe in Reality. Nature is our boss, our godhead if you like.  But we, too, are a part of nature, and it is through us that the highest order of the eternal natural force which shapes all reality has shone through into the physical realm.

Sometimes ‘Might is Right’ according to morals and ethics, and other times it is cruel and brutal, but it is always reality, and it always serves the eternal purpose of the natural order, which represents an eternal spiritual force manifesting itself in the physical realm.

God is Nature and Nature is God.  We are a part of Nature, and thus it is through us that a new reality manifests itself in the natural world.