Is Jewish Power Waning?

Diversity Macht Frei
September 20, 2016


Reading the Jewish press, as I force myself to do, it’s impossible to miss a note of sorrowful valediction in commentaries on the US election, as if saying goodbye to what, for them, was a golden age: the age of Jew-controlled America. Here is the deeply strange Michael Laitman, the scientist with bizarre supernatural views about the destiny of the Jewish people.

Until a few years ago, it seemed as though US Jews had found some secret formula to dissolve anti-Semitism. At the beginning of the 20th century, and even in the 1950s, anti-Semitism, overt or covert, was still quite rampant and Jews were often excluded from universities, clubs, and certain occupations. But after the Holocaust and subsequent establishment of the State of Israel, it seemed as though a new era had begun and along with Hitler, anti-Semitism passed away. But now the wind has changed.

Liel Leibovitz wrote on Tablet Magazine, and I concur, that for American Jews, whoever wins this election, “politics will change in ways we cannot even begin to comprehend, but it will spell, in nontrivial ways, the end of a more than half-a-century-long American Jewish bloom.” While I believe that a Clinton victory will induce a much faster and much more sinister decline, the trend will be similar regardless of the winner. The moratorium on overt Jew-hatred is quickly coming to a close. If we want to avoid another tragedy in the seemingly endless string of persecutions, extinctions, and expulsions, we have to act now, and in the only way we have been instructed by our forefathers.


Caroline Glick laments the fact that American Jews have managed to anger both left and right. The Left are angry about Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

The radicalization of the American Left has caused a radicalization of the Democratic Party. This was made clear throughout this year’s Democratic primary season and during the party’s national convention. Today, the anti-Israel Left makes up not just the Democratic grassroots but also the major donors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The significance of this development for American Jews cannot be overstated. Even if Clinton herself doesn’t share the positions of the Bernie Sanders wing of her party, she cannot govern in defiance of its will. And if she is elected in November, she won’t.

And the Right are outraged by the Neocons’ wars but, most of all, by their open opposition to Donald Trump.

On the Republican side of the aisle, the situation is very different. But it is also bad. … Both John McCain and Mitt Romney supported them to varying degrees during their presidential bids. That support was not shared by Republican voters, however.

Over Obama’s eight years in office, the Republican base and as well as lawmakers became increasing hostile to the democratic interventionism championed by the Bush administration and disaffected with the war in Iraq.

Seemingly unaware of the shift, the same Jewish Republican policy-makers and writers most identified in the public mind with Bush’s failures went into the 2016 race assuming that as was the case in 2008 and 2012, the party would choose a candidate that largely supported their views.

Two prominent Republican candidates, Sen. Marco Rubio and Gov. Jeb Bush, met that expectation. But contrary to their expectations, Rubio and Bush were flops. The voters rejected them. The two candidates that secured significant support – Sen. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, were outspoken opponents of Bush’s policies.

Rather than repeat their practice from 1992 and accept the will of their fellow Republicans, this year the most prominent members of the Jewish Republican elite have opted to attack Trump and his voters. That is, they have decided to commit political suicide.

Wolfowitz, along with Bush’s second term Treasury secretary Hank Paulson and several prominent lower level Jewish Republican policy-makers, announced they are voting for Clinton. Most members of the Jewish Republican elite have sufficed with refusing to endorse Trump. Some have become his most outspoken and vituperative critics.

Objectively, their behavior is irrational. With the radical takeover of the Democratic Party, these Republican rebels cannot hope to receive influential roles in a Clinton administration even if she throws some table scraps in their direction. And by attacking Trump and his voters, they are dooming themselves to political homelessness for at least a generation.

The prominence of Jewish Republicans in the Never Trump camp is liable to impact more than their personal career prospects. It is liable to adversely affect Republican attitudes toward Jews as Jews. And to their disgrace, the Jewish Republicans at the heart of the Never Trump camp are playing right into this unhealthy dynamic.


Similar forecasts of doom are being aired in The Tablet.

For those of us whose names are now encased in multiple parentheses, the nation will transform this fall, come what may. Clinton or Trump, stinging defeat or close call, divided house or clean partisan sweep—politics will change in ways we cannot even begin to comprehend but it will spell, in nontrivial ways, the end of a more than half-a-century-long American Jewish bloom.

Portents are everywhere. Even Steven Spielberg, the wide-eyed bard of America’s perpetual optimism, recently admitted he was wrong to believe anti-Semitism was fading. “The world,” said the father of Jaws, “is full of monsters.” But the twilight of the Jewish American dream is not a horror movie; it will not come about by the bloody hands of maniacs. Instead, it creeps up on us in a column of a thousand tiny statistics, each easy enough to explain away on its own but none advisable to ignore.

The end of Jewish America is everywhere you look. Look rightward, and you’ll see the Republican leadership trying to rationalize away what, for Jews, ought to be the non-negotiable fact that bigotry must never be tolerated, no matter its targets and no matter the circumstances. Sure, there’s a good case to be made for why the party’s smarting elite is right to have fallen in line with Trump. And sure, it’s silly to expect any political party to pay for its principles with its life. But having chosen to embrace their man, the Republicans must stop equivocating and realize that they’ve no choice but to embrace his throngs as well. With Trump at its helm, the GOP will no longer be the Party of Lincoln* or of Reagan. It will be the party of those who think that keeping the Muslims out is fine, of those who cheer on calls to disqualify a judge because of his Mexican heritage, of those who gleefully tweet illustrations of gas chambers and quips about ovens. It will be a party of Huns led by a hardhead. No decent person should join such a party, but Jews have particularly resonant reasons for staying the hell away.


These prognostications of doom relate to America. But I can’t help think that the Jewish fronde against Corbyn will have long-term implications for Jewish power in Britain. However misguided Corbyn is, millions of British people have vested their hopes in him. They have seen a tiny ethnic group mobilise en masse against him because they don’t like his attitude towards their country of ancestral origin. Almost every journalist, MP or party member who is a member of this ethnic group has been happy to participate in the smearing and scheming designed to undermine him. And the plot has been extraordinarily effective, conjuring up an air of chaos and ineptitude around Corbyn. Whether the anti-Corbyn plot succeeds or fails, millions of his supporters have seen Jewish power mobilised in all its rancid splendour. They now know that beneath the professions of loyalty, patriotism and comradeship lies nothing but an alien tribe pursuing its own interests in contempt for their party, their country and for objective truth. They are not going to forget that. Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it. The ranks of the “Jew-wise” have substantially increased since Corbyn came to power.

Something similar is happening in the Conservative party. Jews have also been significantly disempowered since Theresa May became Prime Minister. The first thing she did was kick out the Jews George Osborne and Ed Vaizey. Cameron went out of his way to reward Jews in his departing Honours list (link).

Daily Mail writer Peter Oborne is a disgraceful Muslim apologist but his Islamic sympathies cause him to cast an often critical regard to Jewish machinations. Of course, he never discusses the issue explicitly, for fear of having his career terminated. But the hints are there. Osborne is now leading the conspiracy against May.

Mr Osborne is backed by a very well-organised group of political conspirators led by former planning minister Nick Boles, a Cameron loyalist. Hugo Swire, who (accurately) declared in July ‘the tumbrils are rolling’ when he departed his job as a Foreign Office minister, is another. Former Education Secretary Nicky Morgan is part of this clique, as is ousted arts minister Ed Vaizey.

Former Justice Secretary Michael Gove — at one point a leadership rival of Mrs May — is sympathetic to this rebellious gang. Their numbers are small, but that means little. The Government’s majority is just 16, so the rebels have enough firepower to overturn it.

More damaging still, Osborne and his chums are compulsive plotters and utterly amoral in their methods, especially skilled at the politics of personal destruction. Fifteen years ago they masterminded the ruination of Iain Duncan Smith as Tory leader, and his replacement by (((Michael Howard))), followed by David Cameron. Crucially, they have superlative connections in the media and among the hedge fund managers and offshore donors who provide so much of the Tory funds.

The Times, which waged these modernisers’ unscrupulous war against IDS at the start of the century, is already turning its fire brutally against Mrs May. This time round, there is a cross-party character to the plotting. (((George Osborne))) has learned at the feet of Machiavellian Blair strategist (((Peter Mandelson))), with whom he has more in common than most Tory MPs, and I guess he takes advice from this amoral schemer. Like Mandelson, commander-in-chief of the British political class, Osborne operates slyly and behind the scenes.


When I subscribed to the Times, I couldn’t help noticing the bizarre preponderance of Jewish commentators that it had. This happened during the reign of editor (((James Harding))) who offered slots to many of his fellow Jews. The newspaper is now a stronghold of Jewish power and, as such, is leading the rebellion against May. Whether this will in time lead to a Corbyn-like awakening remains to be seen.

Across the centuries, the story of the Jews is an ongoing tragedy of hubris and downfall. We’ve endured Jewish hubris for quite some time. Hopefully we’re now moving into one of the downfall phases.