Is Jake Lloyd the Best Dressed Man in D.C.?

We had a fantastic Stop the Steal anti-fraud event on Saturday in Washington, D.C.

In fact, it was two separate events, at least. The total attendance was in the hundreds of thousands.

Nick Fuentes, Alex Jones and General Michael Flynn were all featured speakers, and Real President Donald Trump himself made an appearance by helicopter.

At one point, Alex Jones was marching and screaming about how he was going to overthrow the government, that he was going to meet up with Trump and General Flynn, and I thought he was actually planning on marching on the capitol and seizing control in the name of George Washington and 1776.

Regrettably, that didn’t happen.

However, Alex was allowed on the main stage, and whilst Nick was banned, The Jonesman managed to deliver our message.

Here’s the full speech.

It is both the most sermonish and the most focused speech I’ve ever seen Alex give.

The Proud Boys had a heavy presence, as has been consistent with these events.

They did their usual routine of fighting with Antifa.

I will say that it was pretty BnRP when this beard dude screamed at the cops, asking them why they were protecting Antifa.

Besides the fact that it made for an epic scene, it’s actually a very good question, which I wish more people would ask. Maybe someone should ask William Barr about the relationship between the Antifa and the police, frankly.

There is literally no proper video of Nick Fuentes’ speech, which actually disgusts me. These speeches are so powerful, and would move a lot of people if they could watch them online. (Apparently, if Ethan Ralph and Baked Alaska are both absent, the events just don’t get recorded. I’ve said that Nick should just give his stream key to one of his guys, and let them stand in front of him and stream it on his channel. I’ve also said that I would buy someone a camera and pay their gas money to go to these events and record them with a steady camera, but that hasn’t happened.)

These two unideal videos are the best we’ve got right now (you can hear him well on both, the angles are just horrible).

There is apparently another video, because there are clips from a slightly better vantage point on Twitter. The clip of Nick chanting “Destroy the GOP” has gone viral.

Dan Crenshaw isn’t going to be happy about that.

I’ll tell you this: there were as many people watching Nick as can fit in a street.

This is happening.

I will also tell you this: it was satisfying as heck to see that gigantic tranny “Lady MAGA” shamed.

He’s on Twitter whining about it.

Trump celebrated the event on Twitter.

Before the evening became a stab-fest, there was a transitionary period in the late afternoon, wherein Steel Puma and Flat Earth Boxer were attacked by boomers for talking about Jews.

I’m not really certain how I feel about the optics of that, frankly.

But it sure was funny.

The Biggest Takeaway

All this having been said, the single biggest takeaway of Saturday’s event was this: Jake Lloyd really knows how to wear a suit.

Last weekend, we wondered if he was planning to slip into the woods – this week, we were wondering if he planned to slip into an elite cocktail party!

He was cutting such a figure that I wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised if he’d started doing Matrix moves.

No wonder Nick brought Sloppy McMophead Baron von Purpleshirt up on stage to stand next to him.

No matter how good Nick looked, if it was just him and Jake in the front row, he was gonna look like a feckless vagabond who just crawled up out of a swamp in contrast!

Jake deserves as much praise this week as he deserved shame last week. No joke, he looked fantastic. I was very proud of him.

All the boys looked fantastic, frankly, and I am so proud of all of them.

I’ve never been more proud of anything in my life, frankly.

It’s all real.

This is a dark time, but frankly, seeing these lads shining like this – the days do not feel dark.

It is not too late to save this country, and we now have the apparatus to do it.

The fire rises.

Aside from Jake’s suit, the second biggest takeaway is that Trump may well declare ultimate victory on Sunday.

I would not really be surprised if he came out and was like, “okay, the military is on standby, we’re arresting journalists, we’re shutting it all down. It’s all real.”