“Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 16, 2015

Short answer: yes.  Long answer: absolutely.
Short answer: yes. Long answer: absolutely.

The Atlantic has published an excruciatingly long article by a Jew named Jeffrey Goldberg entitled “Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe?

It is a rambling screed condemning everyone but the Jews as evil enemies of the Jews who seek to hurt them for no reason.  He repeatedly invokes the alleged lampshading by Adolf Hitler, and the need for Jews to protect themselves from all of these evil people who have an unexplainable desire to make them suffer.  Very standard.  Same story we’ve all heard six million times.

It follows this new meme of a dual-threat to the Jews from both Moslems and right-wing Europeans.

But let’s look at what happened here – a timeline of events:

-Jews convinced the whole world to fight against their greatest-ever enemy, Adolf Hitler

-Jews prevailed over Germany

-Jews then solidified control of virtually the entirety of Western institutions

-Among other policies, they used their leverage to push for massive immigration into Europe from third-world Moslem countries

-This caused at backlash from Europeans, who became more right-wing, and became angry with the Jews for bringing all these Moslems into Europe

-At the same time, Moslems began attacking Jews in Europe

-Jews then frame themselves as double-victims of a double-threat from Moslems who they brought into Europe and from Europeans who are angry that they brought all of these Moslems into Europe

-Jews begin formulating an exit strategy

This is what has happened.  No one can really argue about it, as it is just documented fact.  But somehow, these Jews have the nerve to continue to whine about how nothing is their fault and everyone is against them.  It would be hilarious – the stuff of slapstick comedy – if it was not so horrible.

The funniest/sickest part is that they are acting like they are punishing us by leaving!  Like we are going to be losing something very valuable when a people who have been kicked out of European countries over a hundred times voluntarily remove themselves!  And the leaders of European countries are going along with this narrative – like, “we need these Jews or we cannot survive!”

What will we do without them??? How shall we survive???

My thought is, however, that this whole “we’re going to leave, goyim!” is just pouting and asking for attention – begging for Europeans to do what the leaders are already doing and rush in to say “no, you ratfaced little angels of happiness and prosperity, we love you so much! Please, please, please don’t leave me!”

Next they are going to stage rallies and play that Pink song.

Note: Pink is Jew, and may actually have subliminated this song to be used as an anthem for Europeans trying to keep their parasites.

This is the same thing women do.  They say “I’m leaving you” as a threat in order to get you to prostrate yourself and beg them to stay, and then if you don’t do it, and tell them “yeah, gtfo,” everything is reversed and they are begging you to let them stay.

The other thing here is that it wouldn’t really make a huge difference if a bunch of rank-and-file rats fled the ship.  Yeah, they are a problem, ripping people off on a low level by overcharging them for goods and services and screwing them over with money-lending scams and so on, but the real Jewish Problem has to do with the Jews which control all of our institutions and governments, and they wouldn’t leave, they would just get more security and continue feeding off of us.

It’s a lose-lose situation.