Is It Still 2008 and If So, Why?

I recently gave Paul Skallas some crap for dropping the ball in a New York Times interview and allowing them to post a picture of a bunch of sluts getting drunk at a club and call it “deep Lindy.” In my view, calling a modern nightclub Lindy completely removes any meaning whatsoever from the term.

However, it’s fair to say the interview was probably pretty long and the Times fished around to get their own narrative out of the story. For all we know, Skallas might have explained that a Lindy nightclub would look nothing like a modern nightclub, which is a miserable palace of feminist vagina worship (basically, a nightclub is a torture device that men volunteer to undergo in the hopes that they might be granted access to a vagina by one of their female overlords).

Even if Skallas has sold out, he deserves credit for getting people interested in Lindy, which was not a small feat, all things considered. So, I don’t want to make it seem like I was just dumping on him. Anyone who gets into Lindy is not going to have a hard time figuring out for themselves that the modern conception of a nightclub is about as far as you can get from Lindy.

Paul had an interesting thread last week that is not even directly about Lindy, but certainly speaks to the issue of the nature of culture in time.

Firstly, I want to note that Avril looks surprisingly good in that video. I would have expected her to go full Mandy Moore.

That said, the observation that we are still basically in 2008 is obviously true, and the implications of that are somewhat extensive.

Peter Van Valkenburgh commented that we don’t need any new culture because there is so much of it, which has only recently been perfectly cataloged and available at your fingertips (at least that was the case before the censorship campaign began).

For the most part, I don’t really see zoomers as having their own culture. Zoomer pop culture seems to be completely a rehash of a bunch of stuff from when I was in my teens and early 20s – i.e., right about 2008.

The most obvious explanation for that is that it is the last stop in the culture before things got really weird, and therefore it’s something people want to hang on to. This is the year Obama got elected.

From there, all of the gay stuff, and the race stuff, went into hyperdrive. Obama was elected by white people on the promise of ending racial tensions and putting the whole thing behind us, and instead he used his position as president to agitate for a bunch of racial grievances from the 1960s that most Americans (including the blacks) viewed as finished with.

People apparently long for that time, before everything went so weird.

The other angle that might be worth looking into is that 2008 is when the iPhone launched, and before long, basically everyone had become addicted to these devices. We don’t fully understand the effects of this, but I have speculated at some length (in various articles I can’t find right now) that the psychological disconnect created by cellphones – this new form of unreality, where people have lost connection to their physical environment completely – is what allowed for everything to go so weird over the last 13 years.

The cellphones certainly affected human relationships. It interfered significantly with normal human interactions – people won’t have a conversation without constantly messing with their phones. This caused a breakdown in relationships. The phones also gave women the ability to get unlimited amounts of attention from thousands or millions of men, as well as allowing them sexual access to extremely private one night stands with men who would never be interested in them in any other context. These dynamics made women more or less completely unwilling to engage in normal human mating behavior.

Lacking access to the normal process of family building would in theory make men much less motivated to create new things. Every man I know has more or less completely given up on women. We don’t really see “tfw no gf” memes anymore, because no one maintains romantic ideas anymore. A lot of guys still have girlfriends, but they’re usually not under the illusion they’re going to build a family.

Along with lacking the basic natural motivation and romantic drive towards creativity because of the phone, it’s just an obvious fact that constantly having a screen in front of your face is going to destroy both concentration and creativity.

Therefore, everyone in society is stuck in a loop. The creatives themselves are stuck in a loop in that they aren’t coming up with new ideas, but more importantly, the masses of consumers are stuck in a loop. The entire concept of art involves the artist asking the viewer of the art to join them in a creative journey, and this then requires imagination on the part of the consumer of the entertainment. Therefore, even if an artist is capable of putting aside the women disaster, putting down the phone, keeping off the various anti-creativity drugs, and staying fit enough to have a working brain, his art is not worth anything to a society that is stuck in a loop and therefore only has interest in the safe and familiar.

However, we must note that even if we’ve reached a kind of stasis in terms of artistic expression, society continues to change rapidly, as we continue down this death spiral of homosexuality, racial revolution and feminism. The fact that people choose to comfort themselves with this looped 2008 culture simply shows that people of all ages are simply dumbstruck, incapable of offering a response to what is happening.

Both supporters and opponents of this global agenda are entirely passive. The supporters do not think about any of it, they just go along with whatever new thing is promoted by CNN, the Democrat Party, and Hollywood. Opponents continually fall back on stupid clichés and worn out nonsense.

Look for example at the Donald Trump movement right now. These people are saying that the solution to a literal coup is to repeat 2016 and vote really hard. None of these people have worked through any of that logically, because if they thought about it for even a second, they would notice that it doesn’t make any sense that after having an election stolen the party that took over the government in a stolen election would give the guy they stole it from a fair shot.

I’ve often noted that peasants are not intended by God to be critical thinkers. I’ve noted the observable facts with regards to mass psychology and put them alongside the New Testament’s running metaphor of the masses of people as a flock of sheep, and stressed that expecting the masses to all be independent thinkers is ridiculous. However, they’re also not supposed to be a bunch of complete morons. Even a peasant with very low critical thinking skills should be able to recognize that Trump’s reelection campaign does not make any sense.

Just so, liberal peasants should be able to recognize that abolishing the police is going to lead to an increase in crime.

People in 2021 are in a state of future shock that is truly extreme, by any measure. In this context, the static culture is what you would expect.