Is Disney Secretly Normalizing Trannys with Their New Belle Doll?

Daily Stormer
January 9, 2017

Buy the doll for you daughter Goy, she’ll be less shocked when she sees a tranny in real life

The more you are exposed to something, the less you’re going to view it as strange or weird. It’s not the absolute golden rules, but that’s usually how it works. Especially if you’re exposed to something from a very young age.

Disney has unveiled their new Beauty and the Beast doll, and people have called them out for how ridiculous and strange it looks.

Daily Mail:

Shoppers have been left in hysterics after spotting something rather unusual about the latest piece of Disney merchandise.

The Belle doll, launched to promote the upcoming Beauty and the Beast remake, appears to have been modelled on leading actress Emma Watson but Twitter users think she looks more like Justin Bieber.

Soon after hitting shelves, images began circulating on Flickr and Twitter comparing the doll to the Canadian star.

That looks like a man’s face on a woman’s body.

It looks like Obama if he were white.

How could they make this mistake? The company has more than enough experience with making doll versions of their characters.

Normies for the most part just think it’s humorous because they think conspiracy theories are retarded, but I see this doll as no mistake. Maybe they’re testing the waters? Seeing how far they’ve come with their indoctrination? Exploring the next steps in poisoning the youth?

Do not buy this doll, do not give Disney your money.

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