Is “cor van zutven” (@CZutven) a Pedophile, Bot or Both?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 21, 2018

So I was on Twitter. And I saw this tweet underneath a Donald J. Trump tweet regarding the resignation of Mad Pit Bull.

(Archive link)

And I was like “wow this guy looks like some kind of pervert, who writes that?”

As the heterosexual male reader is aware, children tend to be offensive, and the idea of being “moved” by watching video of children is fundamentally vile.

So I clicked his account, basically expecting to see a bunch of stuff about maps to pizza places written on napkins.

And I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see his background was that of a young boy sucking on something.

And his face… not the sort of face I want to see talking about how he likes looking at children.

But then there was further inspection. The account was made in September of this year (archive link) and it is all just anti-Trump spam.

The first post was on December 7th, most of it is retweets of the most stereotypical liberal tripe imaginable. John Brennan, CNN, the whole bit.

The account is promoting Biden 2020.

The account is even posting Jewish Russia anti-Syria stuff.

Also: what grown adult makes a new Twitter account in 2018? Other than some Anime Nazi who keeps getting banned or hipster trying to promote a new synthpop project?

I don’t think this is a real account.

Go check it and see what you think. But I’d say there’s virtually zero chance this is not part of a bot network being used to give the illusion of a vast anti-Trump army on Twitter.

Look at the one under it.

How can that be real?

That whole account is all retweets too, other than the occasional thing like this:

I always just assumed it was only anti-Trump tweets under everything Trump tweets because Twitter has systematically banned everyone who supports him. But who are all of these people who are willing to go out there every single day and reply to him, to post this regurgitated media nonsense?

I believe that there are people who passively believe in whatever sort of Russian conspiracy gibberish, but it is hard to believe that there are people who are so adamant about it they are willing to go out there and actively promote it.

It seems much, much more likely that this is a network of bots. That they are all upvoting each other to keep these sorts of messages underneath Trump’s tweets and the tweets of other Republican and conservative figures in order to demoralize supporters.

And I once heard somewhere, millions of times over and over again, that using an army of bots on the internet is “meddling in our democracy.”

And I believe it is supposed to be some kind of a crime, somehow.

So who is running this anti-Trump bot network on Twitter?

Congress should investigate.