Is China Preparing to Wipe Out Its Moslems with Gene-Specific Bio-Weapons?

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 14, 2017

What the hell are Moslems doing in China? Did the Middle-East run out of goats?

The Chinese people, probably inspired by their assiduous study of the Daily Stormer, appears to be gearing up to exterminate their Moslem population with race-specific viruses or some other form of DNA-based bio-weaponry [Editor’s Note: Specifically, they are studying Andrew Anglin’s theories rather than those of weev, the latter of which is shunning race-specific viruses in favor of a nonviable nigger-killing robots scheme. -AA].

Do you have any other explanation for this?

Very nice.

Buzzfeed News:

From DNA samples to iris scans, Chinese authorities are using free physical exams to gather and store biological data from millions of people who live in the country’s far west region of Xinjiang, Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday, citing an official document that suggests the government’s surveillance program in the region is even wider than previously believed.

Xinjiang, the historical home of the Uighur ethnic group, has become a testing ground for heavy-handed, high-tech surveillance measures by the government over the past year. China says the measures are necessary to combat extremist violence, but critics say they violate the basic privacy rights of millions of people, particularly ethnic minorities.

The Chinese don’t even care about the rights of their own people, and you think they’ll shed a tear over the feelings of Moslems, whom they hate?


Chinks are known not to give one single fuck about dead children, let alone anyone else.

Human Rights Watch added it’s not clear whether those who take the physical exams realize their personal information is being recorded and stored.

Everyone who lives in the Muslim-majority Xinjiang, and is between the ages of 12 and 65, is being targeted for their biometrics, says the document, which was posted on the website of a local government located in the region. But for those deemed to be threatening the stability of the government and their families — a broad category that could include people who criticize the government or engage in religious practices — the data is being collected regardless of age. It’s unclear what period of time the program spans, though the document appears to have been circulated in July.

“People who engage in religious practices.”

In other words, all Moslems.

Authorities are making house calls to collect the data and setting up “collection points” in the region, the document says. The DNA information is sent to police for “profiling,” it adds, saying the program’s goal is to verify the size of the region’s population.

Okay, so I don’t know if they’re really developing bio-weapons to wipe out their Moslem population. It wouldn’t surprise me, though. But they certainly are cracking down on them harder than any other government is doing, that’s for sure. Sampling the DNA of the entire Moslem population is pretty hardcore.

These chinky Moslems do appear to be biologically distinct from the Han population. Note the facial hair, darker skin. The clearly have genetic material from both Eastern Slavs and Mongol tribes, if not also central Asian cave-niggers.

Basically, every Moslem in China is now treated as a potential criminal or terrorist. If any of them do anything out of line, the police will be able to instantly tell who’s responsible from fingerprints, blood samples, hair, or whatever else they find at the scene.

But entertain no doubt that they would exterminate them without a second thought if they felt they could get away with it in terms of international opinion.

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