Is Carter Page a CIA Spook?

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 23, 2018

Is Carter Page part of this conspiracy to hoax a conspiracy against Donald Trump? His behavior is strange enough where we should be asking this question.

There’s always been something very weird about this Carter Page person. He was a part of Donald Trump’s campaign for a very short period of time but has been at the very heart of this Russia hoax nonsense.

But before we go any further, let’s review the back story with Page. The FBI primarily used the contents of the discredited #pissgate dossier to request a warrant from the FISA Court to spy on Page. They used it to backup their claim that Page was some type of agent working for the Russian government. The dossier was financed in part by Hillary Clinton and her Democrat supporters and manufactured by a British spy named Christopher Steele who worked for a firm named Fusion GPS.

The practical purpose of this was to get a warrant allowing the FBI to spy on Page so by proxy they could justify broader spying on Trump and his close associates.

The FBI was aware that Hillary Clinton paid for the dossier, and had already talked to Steele, when they requested the FISA warrant, but they did not disclose this to the judge. Presumably, they were aware that the document was fake. It had been introduced to the agency by then-CIA chief John Brennan.

A couple of days ago, Judicial Watch obtained heavily redacted copies of the FISA applications that were used by the FBI to request surveillance on Page.

Page appeared on CNN Sunday to discuss the release of these documents. He behaved in a suspiciously nervous manner throughout the interview.

It felt as if Page was purposefully trying to come off as an untrustworthy person. He behaved awkwardly and kept stumbling over his words. He also avoided directly answering questions about potential connections he had with people in the Russian government. And he did all this with a weird grin on his face. It was a very bizarre interview.

He’s also been previously caught contradicting himself.

In late 2016 he delivered a speech in Moscow of all places. During the Q&A session he claimed that he had met Donald Trump and had been in a number of meetings with him.

Yet in an interview with ABC News in early 2018, he stated that he hadn’t spoke with Trump in his entire life.

So which is it?

It seems very bizarre that he would give two different answers to this question. It’s not like you’d easily forget meeting a high profile, larger-than-life figure like Trump.

Page has also made numerous media appearances on all of the major news networks over the past couple of years. So there’s a definite interest by the Jew-run news media to give this guy a platform. His weird demeanor actually gives more fuel and credibility to the Russia hoax narrative. And perhaps that’s exactly why he’s been given so much air time.

What a weird person. Just where in the hell did he get such a fucked up looking hat? And why did he think that wearing such a hat in public was a good idea?

The working theory is that Page is some type of intelligence asset working for the CIA who previously did real intelligence work in Russia. He was then inserted as a plant in the Trump campaign, probably initially to spy in the way that CIA asset Stefan Halper spied, and then, much more importantly, to help push the Russia hoax. His background as a consultant in the Russian energy sector is certainly enough to make a somewhat plausible case that he could be a Russian asset or approached to potentially be one. This appears purposefully suspicious.

Page’s odd performance on CNN definitely gives more credibility to this theory. Plus, early in Page’s career he worked as a Navy intelligence officer. It is not a stretch to believe that after his years in Navy intelligence, that he would be approached to do work for the CIA.

And hell, he even admitted to working with both the FBI and the CIA during an interview with MSNBC. He specifically said that he spent a ton of time at Langley the CIA headquarters.

Another odd fact is that he told some of Trump’s top campaign people back in June 2016 about how he was going to visit Russia. This is according to his own testimony in front of the House Intelligence Committee.

Washington Examiner:

Carter Page told the House Intelligence Committee last week he sought permission from Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski to visit Russia in June 2016 and also informed current White House communications director Hope Hicks.

Page, who served as a foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, revealed last week he had informed then-Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., he would be visiting Russia. He said at the time he had told a few other individuals, but did not identify them, but said it would be revealed eventually because “things keep leaking.”

This conveniently connects some of Trump’s top campaign people to Page and his Russia trip. And with that, you have a basis to push the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

Obviously we can’t say 100 percent if Page is some type of spook involved in this conspiracy to hoax a conspiracy against Trump. However, his behavior is suspicious enough, and his background shady enough, for this to warrant further investigation. Most people in this situation would not be making media appearance after media appearance. They’d instead be seeking legal counsel, trying to deal with the potentially very serious problem that the FBI thinks that they’re a Russian agent. Page doesn’t seem to be the least bit concerned about any potential legal troubles though.

Trump should direct his people to find out more about Page and determine if he has had any association or involvement with the CIA and the intelligence circles in general. There’s just something not right about this guy.

And if there’s anybody who can get to the bottom of this, it would definitely be Dan Coats the Director of National Intelligence. This man is a killer. We can have full confidence that he will deliver results for the American people.