Is Brian Stelter Jewish or What?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 13, 2019

CNN’s Brian Stelter has one of the most Jewish faces I’ve ever seen.

He has also undergone the usually Jewish process of premature aging. He is only 33 years old, but looks like he is 48 years old.

And obviously, all of his politics are cartoonishly Jewish. Almost a caricature of “extremist Jew terrorist.”

However, according to him, he was raised Methodist and is not Jewish.

He has a Jewish wife.

And one who is in fact, interestingly, completely out of his league.

Jamie Shupak is not beautiful by any stretch, and she is in fact very Jewish looking.

But her physical attractiveness level is quite obviously far beyond that of the gargoylesque Stelter, to the point where it is jarring to see them together as a couple.

He married her in a Jewish ceremony – wearing the yarmulke and all – and they are raising their children as Jews.

We should also note that before he started dating Shupak, Stelter dated another Jewess, Nicole Lapin, who is also far outside of his own sex appeal range.

It is likely that he also dated other Jew women.

So, there are two possible explanations for what is going on here.

Either Stelter is a crypto-Jew or a partial Jew who ended up in a Christian family and then sought to reunite with the tribe, or he was picked out by the Jews to join the Jewish tribe because of his personal characteristics and behavior.

I don’t know which is more likely, but the latter is certainly more interesting.

Western Jews have engaged in this practice of selective, strategic outbreeding for thousands of years, to the point where on average, less than half of their current DNA make-up comes from the Middle East.

Assuming Brian Stelter was a pure goy, he would be the perfect candidate for integration into the Jewish gene pool. He is relatively intelligent, he is ambitious and successful (he had started and sold a media company before he left college), and he is completely lacking in any kind of moral fortitude and is willing to tell destructive lies to millions of people for money without blinking or blushing.

He is also physically repulsive.

And so you have the Jews sending him a series of Jewish women who are significantly beyond the level of attractiveness he would be able to achieve if he were simply out looking for women on his own. Eventually one of the women clicks, he is married, produces children, and now his genes belong to the Jewish tribe.

This process of absorbing the genetics of those they live amongst is fundamental to the Jewish people, and it is why while Adolf Hitler was referring to the Jews as a “race,” the more scientifically astute Alfred Rosenberg referred to them as a parasitic “anti-race.”