Is Black Pete Racist?

Daily Stormer
November 19, 2013

Sinterklaas and Black Pete bringing happiness to the children of Holland.
Sinterklaas and Black Pete bringing happiness to the children of Holland.

The days are getting shorter and the wind blows around the house. The shops are filled with pepernoten and marsepein (traditional Dutch sweets). As a child, I was excitedly looking forward to the arrival of Sinterklaas and his black helper. Over the last couple of years this feeling has slowly been replaced with disgust over the politically correct baloney on the “racist appearance” of Black Pete.

They say that Black Pete has no place in the 21st century. He looks too much like a negro caricature. He has been called a remnant of the times of slavery.

AS many Dutch have explained when Black Pete is called “racist,” he is black because he goes down through the chimney to leave presents for the children. This a well-meaning nod to the passport-“Dutch” who seldom accept this explanation and in return point at his fat lips and his behavior. “Can’t you see, he has fat lips and acts a little silly, it must be a real negro and that’s not allowed. That’s racist!”

A Proper Attitude

Our friendly countrymen got one thing wrong. We do not need to justify our customs and traditions to outsiders. Certainly not in our own countries. We do not have to make concessions when they have their feelings injured. This is our land. They have their lands where they can honor their own customs and traditions. It doesn’t bother me in the least when in Liberia a Black Sinterklaas and White Petes throw around candies or hand grenades.

Black Traditions

While the UN considers the Black Pete question important enough to demand Holland rectify this crime against political correctness, black peoples keep traditions that are much more disturbing.

Let’s take a quick look at some typical black African traditions.

§  Eating albino Negroes

§  Raping babies to cure AIDS

§  Eating human sacrifices and enemy warriors

§  Keeping slaves. Yes, slavery still exists and is especially popular in many African countries. (Slavery has always predominantly been a black and a Jewish phenomenon.)

§  Committing genocide on the productive white population that was providing the blacks with bread and work and afterward blaming the whites for the misery they have brought over themselves. This as taken place in Haiti, in Zimbabwe, and they’re almost done in South Africa.

This list could go on and on, which each cultural practice more vicious and brutal than the last.

Our leaders and media don’t want to see it, but the facts speak for themselves. Negroes are fundamentally different from Whites. They do not just have another culture, which naturally is completely “equal” to ours. No, their culture is an expression of their race. And with the import of Negroes into Europe, Europe will soon sink to the level of Africa. If tomorrow all Europeans would move to Africa and all Negroes to Europe, Africa would be prosperous within a couple of years and Europe would soon descend into some sort of mega Detroit (or its Dutch counterpart, Rotterdam-South).

Black Pete as Racist Stereotype

The Negroes that have the audacity to tell us to replace Black Pete with a politically correct Rainbow Pete claim that Black Pete is a negative portrayal of the Negro. Well, if there is one Negro I have no issues with, it’s Black Pete! He is the friendly, happy helper of Sinterklaas.

He runs, jumps, throws around candies, climbs on roofs and descends through chimneys to make us happy with sweets and presents, delivering to Sinterklaas’ horse a carrot or a potato left for him by the children. He is a friend of children and good to everyone. One of the traditional songs goes like this: “Ook al ben ik zwart als roet, ‘k meen het heus goed.” (Although I’m black as soot, my intentions are good). These lyrics are now said to be controversial, but they’re right! Black Pete doesn’t rape, he doesn’t murder people, he doesn’t rob us. On the contrary, he makes us happy with presents and sweets!

Real Negroes

How different are real Negroes. Their intentions are often less than good, although they’re black as soot. Just read the Race Ware section on the Daily Stormer. Here are some examples:

Negro Colin Toatley recently raped a woman in her own house, after he had let himself in.  Joseph Carey raped an underage girl visiting her family for Thanksgiving. Ronald Ayers raped a woman who was waiting for the bus while she was holding her baby.

A woman who was having a nice afternoon with her mother in the library browsing some books would probably have preferred to meet Black Pete than Edward Boone Davis, who raped her there, between the books.

The politically correct justification for the Negro’s criminal behavior is poverty. But what do rapes have to do with poverty? The correct explanation is that the negro cannot repress his sexual urges, and doesn’t think beyond the here and now. In his traditional living environment in Africa, a male negro simply grabs a female when he feels the urge and mounts her on the spot. This behavior is deeply rooted in his DNA.

The problem isn’t just rapes. Last month a Negro robbed, undressed and then peed on a white woman. Whites are systematically abused and killed by Negroes.

The Jewish Role

When old traditions that cement and strengthen the unity of a people are being destroyed, one can smell the involvement of the Jew. The two “American” “comedians,” Greg Shapiro and Pep Rosenfeld (both Jews), currently occupying Amsterdam, side with the insulted Negroes, and say that Black Pete is racist and that he should leave. Shapiro is also prominently featured on the website of the main Negro agitator, Quincy Gario.

Jew Greg Shapiro wants to see Black Pete dead.
Jew Greg Shapiro wants to see Black Pete dead.

In an article on the Huffington Post we read:

Jessica Silversmith, director of the regional Anti-Discrimination Bureau for Amsterdam told the Associated Press opposition towards the Zwarte Piet tradition is growing:
“It’s not only Antilleans or Surinamers who are complaining,” she said, referring to people from former Dutch colonies involved in the slave trade. “It’s all kinds of Dutch people.”

With such a name and and job, she must be a Jewess (or married to one).
Quinsy Gario says that Black Pete is racist.  If it bothers him so, perhaps he should return to Africa, and put the whole issue out of his mind.
To see a black man cry: Quinsy Gario says that Black Pete is racist. If it bothers him so, perhaps he should return to Africa; there he can focus on his own traditions, such as baby rape and human sacrifice, and put the whole matter of Black Pete out of his mind.  And don’t worry, Quinsy – no Whites will be going to Africa to bully you about how racist it is to eat albino children – it is the tradition of your people, and you have a natural right to preserve it.

While Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte doesn’t see Black Pete as a problem, Minister of Home Affairs Ronald Plasterk, whose Jewish father left Germany in the 1930s, wants to introduce the politically correct Rainbow Pete. Deputy Prime Minister Lodewijk Asscher, of the Jewish Asscher diamond trading family, is also strongly anti-Pete, but fervently supports Muslim festivals. As a diamond trader, he must see nothing wrong with exploiting blacks. Still, he advocates a transformation of Black Pete into something “that injures nobody’s feelings.”

In Internationalist circles, voices call for abolishing Sinterklaas altogether and introducing Santa Claus instead. Meanwhile, we have to keep enduring the culturally enriching Muslim and negro festivals. And, most horrible of all, gay-pride celebrations. No-one is permitted to have his feelings hurt by these festivals.

Der Jude Lodewijk Asscher doesn't mind seeing blacks dying in his family's diamond mines, he just doesn't want to see them bringing joy to Dutch children.
Der Jude Lodewijk Asscher doesn’t mind seeing blacks dying in his family’s diamond mines, he just doesn’t want to see them bringing joy to Dutch children.

This is what the Jew likes to see. Non-Western traditions are good, and enrich the culture. Our traditions are evil and racist, and have to be either completely purged, or transformed into politically correct, completely commercialized, sterilized “festivals,” devoid of the meaning our ancestors imbued them with.

Honoring the Tradition of Our Germanic Ancestors

Sinterklaas has its origins in the Germanic supreme God Wotan and also in the bishop of Myra. Myra lies in modern-day Turkey, but that doesn’t make Sinterklaas a Turk. In the 4th century, it was part of the Roman Empire.

The Wild Hunt: Like Sinterklaas, Wotan rides his horse, Sleipnir, through the sky.
The Wild Hunt: Like Sinterklaas, Wotan rides his horse, Sleipnir, through the sky, with his helpers in tow.

Black Pete originates in the dead warriors that accompany Wotan, or in the black ravens that Wotan was sending out as scouts to gather information. He is only partly based on the Negro servants people kept in the past centuries. He certainly wasn’t a slave, as then Sinterklaas would have kept him on a chain.

Black Pete is an old part of our Germanic and Dutch tradition. He looks like a typical Negro, but he’s a lot less dangerous. He doesn’t rape and doesn’t murder, he gives us presents and leaves our country again after a few weeks. And unlike real Negroes, Black Pete is good for the economy. The only reason why the global PC syndicate of Negroes who have their feelings injured and international Jews criticize Black Pete is to undermine our folk community. They don’t care about real atrocities, such as slavery in Africa or the racist policies of the state of Israel.

For the honor of our ancestors and our folk, and for joy of our children, let’s throw the hordes of complaining Negroes and Jews out of our nations and keep welcoming Black Pete every year!

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