Is Beijing Biden a Pants-Pooper? Sources Say So

According to the highly accurate Alex Jones, sources say that Beijing Biden gets injected with a footlong pelican case of drugs.

He keeps pooping his pants. It’s why he changes his clothes so often. Because he poops.

Alex has notes on exactly when he crapped himself.

(Note: I don’t think this is real. This is 100% filler. Alex Jones is okay, but he really reports a lot of fake nonsense. Just the whole thing that Biden is controlled by the Chinese while also pumping up a war with the Chinese – this is just dumb and nonsensical. I like Alex about 70% of the time, but the other 30% is just literally dumb bullshit. Biden probably does not even poop his pants, at least not regularly. Senility primarily affects cognition, while basic bodily systems continue to function for much longer.)