Is Anthony Fauci Really the Sexiest Man Alive? (Spoiler: Yes)

The Guardian is claiming that Anthony Fauci is the sexiest man alive.

They posted it on instagram.

Conservatives criticizing the Guardian are saying he’s too old to be sexy, showing yet again that conservatives understanding nothing about women.

What makes him sexy to women is his power and his paternalism.

He is, at least in theory, the single most powerful man on earth. And he uses that power to pretend to be some kind of caring grandfather, who is must control people in order to protect them from their own choices.

It says so much about female psychology that this is what they find sexually attractive. In fact, it more or less gives away the entire game of female psychology.

They love the idea of being controlled. They want to feel totally powerless, with a self-assured man ruling them, disallowing them from making any decisions.

To me, it is not even remotely surprising that women are sexually fixated on Anthony Fauci, and in fact, I have known this for a long time.

They did the same thing with Andrew Cuomo (although he is younger and his ogre face had a lot more masculinity, which I’m sure conservatives found easier to grasp).

Women have to be sanctioned, they have to be boycotted, they have to be divested.

The singular purpose of a woman’s existence is to produce children, and therefore, everything about a woman’s existence revolves around sex. That is the fact.

Any time you see women fixated on a man, it is sexual. No matter what they are saying about him. If they are fixated on him, the nature of that fixation is and can only be sexual, as all a woman is, her entire reality, is a hole that things get shoved into (and hopefully, things also come out of).

Conservative men do not understand anything about women, they just worship them as pillars of morality, because that is the conservative plan to protect the sexual order.

Maybe at some point it worked. It definitely did, actually. But it doesn’t anymore.

Women acting up and getting totally out of control is really part of a demand to be controlled. They act unhinged because they want men to come and force their will on them. But of course, the state prevents men from forcing their will on women, and women interpret that as weakness, so they go even crazier.

Fauci is the man who has the ability to force his will on them, and on the whole world. So of course he is a sexual idol.