Irresponsible Monkey Obama Refuses Peaceful Power Transfer (サルは小さな女の子のように泣く)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2016

Obama is throwing a temper tantrum.

Watching this twisted monkey behave like a spoiled 2-year-old really makes you wonder how he didn’t collapse the entire country in his 8 years as President. I mean, in some sense he did, but looking at this – it’s a wonder the electricity is still on.


President-elect Donald Trump has once again taken to Twitter to slam a supposed slight directed at him. This time his target is none other than President Barack Obama, whom Trump says reneged on his promise of a smooth transition between administrations.

Trump tweeted Wednesday that he is “doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory… statements and roadblocks” made by Obama. “Thought it was going to be a smooth transition – NOT!”

Trump seemingly backtracked his attacks about the transition later on Wednesday, the Huffington Post’s Christina Wilkie reported.

The dig at Obama came after the outgoing president made a comment Monday that he would have won a third term in the White House if it had been possible.

While the White House declined to comment on the increasing back-and-forth between Trump and Obama week, according to the Washington Post, transition spokesman Sean Spicer did address the seeming spat between the two administrations during a conference call with reporters.

Spicer originally declined to elaborate on Trump’s tweets, saying they “speak for themselves,” but he later said that Obama and his administration have been “very generous with their time” during the transition process and helpful with “mechanical” issues.

But AYO – get this:

Some Obama supporters suggest that Obama could ‒ and should ‒ ratchet up the sparring by “going nuclear” against Trump and the Republican Party, which refused to work with the president during his two terms in office. One way to do that would be through a proposal that is gaining steam in op-eds and on social media: using recess appointments on January 3 to fill the 103 current openings in the federal judiciary, including giving Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland a seat on the High Court without a Senate confirmation hearing.

The move, known as going nuclear in political circles, would have to occur between the official adjournment ‒ sine die ‒ of the 114th Congress and the swearing-in of the 115th Congress. Such an action may be of questionable legality, according to proponent Ed Kilgore, but would not be unprecedented. President Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, made 193 appointments during the so-called “infinitesimal recess” of 1903 between the end of a special session of Congress and the beginning of the regular session. Likewise, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, also a Republican, named a Supreme Court justice as a recess appointment.

I’m sure going to be glad when this guy finally leaves.

This had been a long two months.