Irregardless of the Word Irregardless

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 2, 2019

Very often you will find people on the internet saying “irregardless is not a word.”

It actually is though.

Insofar as it is in the dictionary and it is used in speech by large numbers of people.

It is classified as a nonstandard form of the word “regardless.”

It’s just considered obsolete or archaic because of the whole double-negative drama, which is largely a new obsession in English due to a belief that grammar should follow the rules of mathematics. That is to say that a negative plus a negative becomes a positive.

So, if we use the standard Anglo/German logic on double negatives, the word “irregardless” would mean “regarding,” which it does not mean, and this triggers confusion and anger and the declaration that it cannot possibly be a word.

It is interesting that romance languages use double negatives, as do a lot of non-European languages (the most familiar being “African-American English”).

The fact that English speakers get so fixated on things such as the mathematical inconsistency of the word “irregardless” demonstrates the fact that certain concepts and perceptions are programmed into languages.

We may extrapolate that the observable relationship between the level of social decay in a country and its understanding of the English language has some relationship to the language itself. Countries with the lowest number of English speakers always tend to be the best off.

Russia remains the white country with the lowest level of English, and it remains the country least accepting of the various Jewish programs (feminism, faggotism, multiculturalism, etc.) I can predict that the more English that country learns, the more open it will be to all of the Jewish agendas, because it will be so much easier for them to absorb these agendas through Jewish media if they are consuming it in the original language.

You can even see this among non-whites. For example, China, a country with virtually no English understanding at all, has banned rap music from the country, while English-speaking Taiwan has embraced it. And as South Korea learns English, they are progressively integrating rap into their own music.

And all of the degenerate niggerism that goes along with it.

I can imagine Kim Jong-Un watching a BLACKPINK video, and deciding to call off the entire reunification project.

Also worthy of note is that Japan, another Asian nation that has resisted learning English, has much more fun music and none of this nigger-tier stuff.

You could also look at the difference between first and second generation latinx immigrants. First generation generally are the slave-minded peasant field-workers that they’re advertised as, while virtually the entire second generation acts exactly like niggers – welfare, single motherhood, gang activity, etc.

Human languages, like programming languages, have innate assumptions within them, and switching a program from one language to another is never going to be smooth. This is the main reason why there is such a big global push by all of these globalist organizations to force the adoption of English worldwide.

None of this is to say that English is evil, it’s simply that the Jewish program has been built with English, so that vehicle is most likely to transmit it.