Irish Say They’re Shutting Back Down Because Americans Messed Up Their Quarantine

Oh, the Irish are moaning.

Imagine my shock.

Sky News:

Ireland may bring in tougher measures to ensure people stick to quarantine rules after reports of US travellers hitting the tourist trail hours after landing.

The 14-day period was introduced in April, and in May travellers were required to give the address where they are isolating.

But over the weekend there was anger on Twitter after pub, hotel and restaurants owners said they had turned away US tourists after finding out they had not quarantined.

Ireland is one of the few European countries that Americans are currently allowed to visit – but many US states have recently seen a worrying surge in cases.

“We refused a group of Americans yesterday who admitted that they had just flown in,” tweeted the King’s Head pub in Galway.

“We had to turn away 2 Americans for dinner last week. They were renting a house in the area and had flown straight in from Denver,” posted Gregans Castle Hotel in County Clare.

Restaurateur Jp Macmahon tweeted: “Last night a group of people from Texas dined.

“We have no way of knowing if they just arrived and should be self-quarantining. Staff very uncomfortable. We need a decision on this particularly if people are coming from places with high cases.”

A tour firm’s tweet saying they had cancelled a booking also went viral.

The E-Whizz bike rental firm posted: “I know we are in tourism but I’m just not willing to risk it for staff and other guests. These people are in the country and socialising.”

Yeah, it’s like another potato famine, what these American tourists are doing to you with this deadly virus that is going to kill us all.

Great whining tweets, but you really need your own hashtag.