Ireland’s “Most Diverse” Town Doesn’t Want to Risk White Flight by Taking Syrian Immigrants

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
December 4, 2015


Community figures from Ireland’s “most diverse” town, which is now only 40% White Irish, have said other towns should take Syrian immigrants instead of them. Some have warned that tensions are brewing between the native White Irish and the immigrants, and moving Syrians in could be destructive to Ballyhaunis.

There is such a mix of people from different backgrounds, and I’m not sure Ballyhaunis is in a position to take many more refugees,” said Mary Donnelly, who is involved in community organizations. “The indigenous population is coming close to being the minority and the social cohesion of the town is under threat.

Drawing upon her position in the community, Donnelly said immigrants “don’t take as active a part in the social economy of the town” as the native Irish do.

The town’s priest, Father Stephen Farragher said people in the town were becoming upset.

There is a feeling that as a town Ballyhaunis has absorbed more than its share. This came up recently at a Parish council meeting, and that was the feeling” he said.

The town is only 40% White Irish, but the demographics of the local school is much more shocking. Out of the 322 children, only 28% are White Irish. In other words, at the school only about 1 out of 4 children are native Irish.

Back in 2005, a professor predicted that White Irish people could be a minority in their own homeland by 2050. To some people it was a prediction, to others, it was an objective – something they are working to try to bring about.

The fact is, the top echelons of society are anti-White. The elites are deliberately encouraging massive immigration – a tsunamigration – from the third world, and then targeting White areas for forced “diversity”.

International law has clearly outlined that what they are doing is White genocide, because the “diversity” dictators are deliberately trying to wipe out White people with a forced demographics change.

If this was happening to any group other than White people, there would be an international outrage.

But, for some reason, genocide of White people is not considered a very serious crime, and it’s left to a few brave souls to bring this anti-White agenda into public discussion.