Ireland: Supreme Court Rules Subway Buns Too Sugary to Meet the Definition of Bread

One of the many ways that both Medieval peasants and the proletariat of the industrial revolution had it better than the average person now is that they had better food.

Irish Independent:

The Supreme Court has found that the bread in Subway’s heated sandwiches has too much sugar in it to meet the legal definition of being bread.

The court ruled that with a high sugar content, the sandwich could not be deemed a staple food which attracts a zero VAT rate. It rejected arguments by a Subway franchisee that it was not liable for VAT on some of its takeaway products, including teas, coffees and heated filled sandwiches.

The five-judge court ruled the bread in Subway’s heated sandwiches falls outside that statutory definition because it has a sugar content of 10pc of the weight of the flour included in the dough.

The act provides the weight of ingredients such as sugar, fat and bread improver shall not exceed 2pc of the weight of flour in the dough.

The clear intention of the detailed definition of “bread” in the act was to distinguish between bread as a “staple” food, which should be 0pc rated, and certain other baked goods made from dough, Mr Justice Donal O’Donnell said.

It’s garbage. All fast food is garbage. All of it is filled with sugar and other chemicals that make low quality ingredients taste better, and thus making it much less healthy than it would be if you just ate the low quality ingredients by themselves.

Fast food is a staple food for all modern peasants. A lot of people eat it more than once a day.

What was the purpose of building this massive technological society if we would no longer have food?

Or for that matter, families?

Or healthy communities?

What has the average person gained from the changes of the last century?

Are we really planning to send Somalians, fat women and trannies to colonize Mars, or have we totally given up on any kind of utopian future, favoring instead creating a hell on earth?