Ireland: Satanic “Comedy” Sketch Features “God” Raping a “Migrant”

These people are sick and they are evil.

They are actually possessed by satan.

That is what we are up against: sick weirdos possessed by demons.


A comedy sketch depicting God as a rapist, aired during a New Year’s Eve countdown programme by Ireland’s national broadcaster, has sparked a furious backlash from the country’s catholic bishops.

The mock news report was broadcast on RTÉ as viewers across locked-down Ireland tuned into the state television station to finally bid farewell to 2020. In the controversial clip an aged man in a white robe, with white hair and a long white beard, is seen being dragged away from a courthouse and into a police vehicle by a member of the Irish police.

“In another shocking revelation this year, God became the latest figure to be implicated in ongoing sexual harassment scandals,” a newsreader explains in a voiceover.

“The five-billion-year-old stood accused of forcing himself on a young middle-eastern migrant and allegedly impregnating her against her will.”

“He was sentenced to two years in prison with the last 24 months suspended,” the voiceover added, poking fun at Ireland’s notoriously lax sentencing laws.

The role of the newsreader was played by veteran broadcaster Aengus Mac Grianna, who worked on RTÉ’s news coverage for many years. The sketch was the work of the satirical news outlet Waterford Whispers News, which was hired by RTÉ to produce content for the New Year’s Eve show.

The sketch provoked a furious reaction from the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland, Archbishop Eamon Martin, who blasted the state TV outlet for broadcasting the joke.

“I am shocked that producer/editor of NYE Countdown Show didn’t realise how deeply offensive was a mocking news report accusing God of rape and reporting his imprisonment,” Archbishop Martin said.

They realized it, Father.

That was the point.

The question now is: what are you going to do about it? 

Probably nothing, based on what we’ve seen so far from the Church and from Christians generally.

Note that they made it about “migrants” as well – the demon possessed love brown people, because they are literally the hordes of hell.