Ireland: Push to Criminalize Online “Hate Speech”

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
April 18, 2014

Ireland, like everywhere else in Europe, is on its way to becoming an Islamic Caliphate.
Ireland, like everywhere else in Europe, is on its way to becoming an Islamic Caliphate.

The immigrant council of Ireland (ICI), a group that works to get more immigrants into Ireland says that people who “spread messages of hate” online should be punished, and what they call “hate speech” must be criminalized.

Chief Executive of ICI Denise Charlton said it’s “unacceptable that individuals and groups can go online to spread messages of hate with no fear of prosecution”.

We’d like to see our submission move to public hearings so that this area can be explored but we would want to see recommendations acted upon”.

The ICI has sent Ireland’s Oireachtas Justice Committee a list policies that they want enforced by law. One such policy is to purge all “haters” from government agencies, or any group affiliated with the government.

What is “hate”? Anyone who opposes massive non-White immigration, forced assimilation / forced “diversity” (in other words the conditions of White genocide) is considered by anti-Whites to be a “hater”.

That is just silly – screaming “haters” at people who oppose you is childish. An adult would attack the point that people make, whereas a child would attack the person who makes the point by calling them a “poo-poo head”, or in the case of childish anti-Whites a “hater”.

Without freedom of speech, it is impossible to have a democratic government – the point of democracy is that people can express their opinions without being convicted of a “thought crime” or “speech crime”, and that’s exactly why anti-Whites like to shout “hate speech is not free speech” – the cannot handle a democracy where people can vote against them.

The anti-Whites main goal is to get rid of White people, and that is very unpopular with the majority of White people. Like all terrorists they are prepared to make our lives, and our families lives a misery to forward their own agenda – a world where White people are purposely turned into a minority.

We hereby charge anti-Whites from all Western countries with the crime of genocide directed against White people.