Ireland: Push for Legalization of Marijuana

We’re trying to keep track of several phenomena here at the Daily Stormer that are taking place during the coronavirus madness.

One of those phenomena is the global push to legalize drugs.

Now, that push has come to Ireland.

Irish Central:

The Irish Farmers Association (IFA) is urging the Irish Government to introduce legislation that would allow farmers to produce medicinal cannabis.

The IFA is seeking a meeting with the Department of Health to discuss the issue of potentially changing Irish law to allow the production of medicinal cannabis.

The Sunday Times reports that Fintan Conway, an executive secretary with the IFA, sent an email to Marie Egan, a pharmacist with the Irish Health Department, in January this year seeking a meeting between the two bodies to discuss how hemp could be used to produce medicinal cannabis.

As we know well, the legalization of “medical” marijuana is a small step taken before the total legalization of marijuana.

We have revolutions, we have economic collapse, we have drug legalization, we have the stripping of all basic freedoms: all of this is pushing towards a single agenda.

It’s all very obvious, if you take a step back and look at it.