Ireland: Moslem Charged with the Murder of 32-Year-Old Irish Student

Nassar Ahmed and Eoin Boylan

Hey Irish people – forget about that border nonsense for a minute.

Are you seeing this?

Voice of Europe:

An Irish court on Thursday charged a Middle Eastern man with the murder of Eoin Boylan, an Irishman who grew up in the town of Ennis.

Nassar Ahmed, aged 39, is said to have only replied ‘okay’ after the Ennis District Court formally charged him with murder of 32-year-old student in Ennis on April 14th, the Irish Times reports.

After the assault, which took place at 3pm at Gordon Drive, Eoin Boylan died in the ambulance as emergency serves rushed him to the hospital.

Eoin, who was a member of Banner Martial Arts and Fitness, was described as “the embodiment of kindness and humility” and “a determined student and a generous friend” by his peers.

A spokesman for the club said: “It is too soon to use many words. We are sickened by the news. Those of you who knew Eoin will know that there are few people in the world less deserving of cruelty than Eoin.”