Ireland: Gross “Glitter Hole” Drag Story Hour for Kids Cancelled by Library

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2019

“Glitter Hole”

In an act of pure hatred for the color of the genitals, a bigoted library has cancelled a “drag storytelling event” because a group invited to do it is not cisgender enough for the heterosexual pigs running the show.


The group Glitter Hole is a “drag collective” and “queer performance space,” and if you’re wondering what their name means, their logo is a purple sketch of a bare bottom with the word “HOLE” beneath it in all capitals. Their sexually explicit performances including miming sex acts, strapping on enormous fake genitalia, and other activities better left undescribed. One poster advertising their group was emblazoned with the slogan, “Keep the buggery going!” while another announced that they were “leather daddies and gay witches for abortion.” And, as the new Irish media outlet Gript recently reported, Glitter Hole was invited to participate in a “drag storytelling event” at Dublin’s Dun Loa Library.

Take a look at some of the content from this “Glitter Hole” group’s Instagram:

Considering that this was billed as a “family event” and that children as young as three years old would likely be present, and considering the fact that this “drag collective” specializes in sexually explicit performances that push the boundaries of what even many adults would find tasteful or acceptable, one might wonder why Glitter Hole would be invited to read stories to children in the first place (one photo of the group featuring cross-dressing and one member sporting an enormous fake vagina has them posing in front of a banner reading “The Gay Agenda.”) However, when it was revealed that Glitter Hole was being invited, the library canceled the event.

Glitter Hole, which has organized at least three other “family events” featuring drag queens reading to children, is furious by the cancellation, claiming that the Country Council was wrong to cite “age appropriateness” as a reason to spike an event put on by a group specializing in sexual performances. They claim that the cancellation is actually due to the outrage expressed at the group by many online, including parents who were stunned to find out that a drag troupe with a bare bottom as their primary logo was orchestrating a “family event” targeted at children. Glitter Hole referred to those who were concerned as “bigots.”

This “Glitter Hole” group appears to be run by Jews:

She has since morphed into Lena Dunham:

The group appears to associated with other Jewish-looking creatures:

The male has that Justin Timberlake physiognomy.

It’s not clear what the consequences of denying these Glitter Holes their chance of spitting some magic glitter to kids will be for the library, as we’re now at a point in time where opposing the gay in any way is a dangerous enterprise that may well result in one’s expelling from the workforce and mainstream society.


Attorneys for a Michigan fruit farmer argued in federal court that officials had unconstitutionally targeted him for his religious beliefs and banned him from a local farmers’ market.

On April 12, attorneys from the non-profit Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) went before the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan, Southern Division, to request that the city of East Lansing permanently lift its ban that has prohibited farmer Steve Tennes from selling his produce at the local farmers’ market. Authorities in East Lansing, which is home to Michigan State University, banned Tennes and his Country Mill Farms of rural Charlotte, Michigan, specifically because he adheres to the Catholic Church’s teachings regarding marriage when hosting weddings at his family farm venue.

According to the attorneys, Tennes was persecuted for his sincerely held religious beliefs, which an East Lansing city council member called “ridiculous, horrible, [and] hateful.” The council then exiled him from the marketplace until the federal court issued a preliminary order in 2017 that allowed Tennes a temporary return. The East Lansing mayor denounced Tennes, who does not reside in that city, for putting his “Catholic view on marriage” into practice. Other city officials likened Catholic teachings about marriage to those defending racist Jim Crow laws of the South following the Civil War. According to ADF, the city’s position was that it would expel Country Mill Farms until it successfully changed the Catholic beliefs of Tennes and his family.

If you refuse to interact with homos, you can be ostracized and have your livelihood taken away from you.

But it’s not clear what can happen right now if you refuse to let the gay do sex shows in front of your young kids.

See, we’re supposed to let the gay into our kids’ lives because infecting them from a young age prevents homophobia.

The brave Glitter Hole group just wants to help kids find their true selves through the early acquisition of detailed knowledge about genitalia, glittering substances in the hole that their parents told them is just for pooping and exposure to sexual diversity.

Not letting kids have access to this queer drag knowledge is against kids’ human rights. They have a right to be exposed to the gay and the gay has a right to confuse your kids about gender and identity.

If you refuse, you won’t have tranny kids.

If you don’t have tranny kids, you don’t have Progress and the missing diversity would make you weak.

So maybe don’t be such a bigot. Okay?

It’s for your own good.