Ireland Criminalizes Being Mean to Stupid Whores

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 5, 2019

Irish women have been granted the power to send men to jail depending on how they say they feel but independently of them actually feeling what they say they feel and also independently of men making them feel that way or not.

Feels feels feels feels feels feels feels.


Psychological and emotional abuse in intimate relationships is now a crime in Ireland.

The Domestic Violence Act 2018 went into effect on Tuesday and provides new protections for victims of “coercive control,” a type of emotional and psychological abuse aimed at stripping a person of their self-worth and agency.

“But how do you measure that though?”

Easy. Jewish psychologists and mental health professionals will hear what the front-hole accuser has to say and tell everyone they have to “believe women.”

Justice will be served.

Although psychological and emotional abuse — including controlling behavior, isolation, and threats of violence — can be more difficult to recognize than physical violence, it can be just as damaging, experts say.

Ireland’s Minister of Justice and Equality Charlie Flanagan said in a statement Wednesday that the new law “recognizes that the effect of non-violent control in an intimate relationship can be as harmful to victims as physical abuse because it is an abuse of the unique trust associated with an intimate relationship.”

Words can leave bruises and break women’s ribs. Okay.

“This new provision sends a message that society will no longer tolerate the appalling breach of trust committed by one partner against the other in an intimate context,” he added.

The message it sends is that men can set neither physical nor verbal boundaries.

If you can’t hit a whore, and you can’t tell her stuff she doesn’t like… then how are you supposed to keep her from destroying the world?

Women’s feelings are supposed to be ignored. They’re emotionally unstable creatures that experience a roller coaster of emotions daily for no reason whatsoever other than their obvious biological inferiority. Why would it matter how they feel if how they feel is completely random and meaningless?

In a 2014 European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) pan-European survey on violence against women, almost a third of Irish women (31%) said they had experienced psychological abuse by a partner. A further 23% of respondents said they had experienced controlling behavior, 24% said they had experienced abusive behavior, and 12% said they had experienced stalking (including online stalking).

Yes, and you must believe women. They’re objective judges that would never lie, and what they experience is of utmost importance to the advancement of our civilization.

Do you think the Chinese would have been able to land their space thing in the dark side of the moon without caring about what their women feel?

Women’s Aid, Ireland’s national domestic violence support organization, said that while it welcomed the new law, in order for it to be effective, it must be properly resourced.

The group, who runs the country’s only free, national, domestic violence 24 hour helpline, reported that in 2017 there were 15,833 disclosures of domestic abuse, including 10,281 reports of emotional abuse. Male intimate partners accounted for 83% of those abusers, Women’s Aid reported.

That means that most domestic abuse cases are literally about how women feel. No objective measure.

These are creatures that cry watching romance movies, you know? It’s insane that people even think that what women feel is a sign of anything.

Ireland is one of only a few countries that have criminalized psychological or emotional abuse.

In 2010, the French government criminalized psychological violence in intimate relationships, with the punishable offense carrying a maximum sentence of three years in prison and a €45,000 fine (approximately US $51,345). In England and Wales, coercive control in intimate relationships became a criminal offense in 2015. Last year, Scotland also adopted a similar measure.

The disease is spreading, then.

Giving this kind of power to women is like making parents the slaves of their toddlers.

It ruins heterosexual relationships. It destroys the family. It corrupts society. Is there anything that isn’t affected?

How did it come to this?

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