Ireland: Amnesty International Refuses to Return Illegal Donation From Soros Because Killing Babies is a Human Right

Daily Stormer
December 11, 2017

I do not place any intrinsic value on human life, or any other life for that matter. I have no notion of morality, and consider myself strictly driven by logic – that I am a form of life who’s sole purpose on this planet is to reproduce my own specific form of life – clan/nation/race/species –  in the most efficient manner possible, and I think that anything else is either irrelevant or gibberish made up by idiots.

While I do think abortion should be permitted in some cases based on eugenic principles, I still find it creepy how so many people think killing a baby in it’s mother’s womb is something that should be unrestricted, arbitrary and even celebrated.

And make no mistake, it is actual murder no matter how you look at it. A human being in the earliest stages of life is still a human being, this is basic biology.

There are obviously quite a lot of people who think along the same lines as I do, and (((George Soros))) doesn’t like them, hence we must be right about something.


Amnesty International is defying the Irish Republic’s law by refusing to return a large donation from George Soros intended to be used in a campaign to overturn the Catholic country’s pro-life law.

The Republic of Ireland’s ethics watchdog, which enforces the country’s legislation, instructed the progressive organisation to return the €137,000 (£120,000/$161,000) to the Soros-run Open Society Foundations because the donation breaches the country’s laws prohibiting foreign donors contributing to political campaigns.

How dare these hateful goyim think that a foreigner who isn’t Putin shouldn’t have the right to interfere in another country’s politics? Don’t they know we’re all (((global citizens))) ?

The donation is intended for Amnesty’s My Body My Rights campaign, which advocates repealing Ireland’s pro-life Eighth Amendment. The ‘civil society’ organisation’s chief executive in Ireland, Colm O’Gorman, told The Irish Times: “We’re being asked to comply with a law that violates human rights, and we can’t do that.”

“Ireland is targeting Amnesty International purely for its human rights work,” O’Gorman added. “This decision is an indefensible attack on human rights defenders, and shocking evidence of the real threat the Electoral Act poses to wider civil society organisations in Ireland.”

It’s all about (((human rights))), that nebulous concept that nobody knows (((where))) it originated from, and no one can clearly define, but that for some reason every nihilist retard puts treats like the word of God.

The Catholic republic is set to hold a referendum in Summer 2018 on whether to legalise abortion. Leo Varadkar, the country’s first openly gay prime minister, said the plebiscite would “give the people of Ireland the opportunity to remove our constitutional ban on abortion, should they wish to do so”.

Ah yes, I forgot. Ireland has a faggot streetshitter for a prime-minister. IRELAND YES!!!

Also, keep in mind that it’s impermissible in any EU country to hold a referendum on the death penalty. Because killing murderers, rapists, pedophiles, terrorists and other vermin is worse than randomly killing babies in their mother’s wombs, which is literally what abortion is.

OFS provides nearly 2.5 per cent of Amnesty International’s annual income, and Amnesty has previously raised its ‘concerns’ regarding sovereign nations’ laws prohibiting the foreign-funding of elections and referendums.

John Dalhuisen, Amnesty International’s Europe and Central Asia director, called Ireland’s Electoral Act 1997 “flawed” and said that it is being “weaponised” by those “opposed to a range of human rights and equality issues”.

“That the state is allowing its laws and regulations to be used in this way is deeply alarming. The Irish government must urgently intervene to ensure Ireland’s laws and regulatory frameworks stop obstructing the work of civil society,”said Dalhuisen.

These people that nobody voted for and that nobody likes or trusts(and most people can’t even name) and who get their money from foreigners – they’re the ones the goyim should trust…

A probe last year by the Irish Independent found that the OFS pledged to fund three Irish organisations to “work collectively on a campaign to repeal Ireland’s constitutional amendment granting equal rights to an implanted embryo as the pregnant woman”.

The document continued: “With one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world, a win there could impact other strongly Catholic countries in Europe, such as Poland, and provide much-needed proof that change is possible, even in highly conservative places.

Remember, this is all for your own good. People who are flooding your countries with millions of retarded subhumans who kill, rape your daughters and live off your money are trying to make it easier for your women to kill their babies because they love you.

Soros’s organisations have been working across the world to undermine nations’ cultures, autonomy, and laws, with Hungary most notably hitting back by pushing for legislation on greater transparency of foreign-funded NGOs and universities – both directly affecting Soros interests.

In response, the European Union has threatened Hungary with probes and legal action. Leaked documents reveal that at least 226 Members of European Parliament are considered “reliable allies” of Soros.

It’s amazing, isn’t it?

How all these kikes try so hard to do good by the goyim, the latter being too stupid to even know what’s good for them.

And yet, for some reason, we just can’t appreciate it…

Every single one of them, doing everything they can for everybody else, completely selfless