Irate Yidlet Ben Shapiro Angry That Trump Showed Restraint, Hasn’t Bombed Iran Yet

Andrew Anglin and Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 25, 2019

The upside is that Benji’s “not amused” face is more amusing than his amused face.

Ben Shapiro is fuming that Trump pulled back at the last minute and didn’t start bombing Iran.

Look at him. He’s having an absolute yid-fit.

“What good is an orange man if he won’t drop the bomb on Iran? I got my eyes on the goyim and they’re spammin’ my forum, sayin’ Israel wants a war, America’s a Jew whore! They said I’m a yidlet, so I’m throwing a yid-fit!” -Cool Ben Shapiro/Ben Shapiro the Rapper.

The response from the internet has been quite negative, indicating that it is probably impossible to merge internet right-wingism with Jewish neoconism.

The ratio bar:

I kid you not when I say that literally every single comment is chewing lil’ Benji out about his transparent pro-war stance.

These are not just Alt-Righters, but also veterans and irate Boomers who are confused as to why the clever, fast-talking logik-man who BTFOs Liberals is going against their cult leader Trump, and also (more charitably) why Ben is so gung-ho about this war.

All these Zio-Cons coming out in favor of war with Iran is pretty good for the Dissident Right, wouldn’t you say?

No one is going to be able to explain why this war happened.

The typical Leftist explanation “we wanted to steal their oil!” doesn’t work when you consider the fact that the US already has the big oil producers on its side. Or the fact that it would be trillions of dollars cheaper to just buy the oil from Iran than to invade their country.

Quick, Michael! Think of an explanation that doesn’t contain the word “Jew”! Put your fat into it! Think with your fat!

And there is simply no plausible explanation of how Iran presents a security threat to America.

“Israel wanted the war!” becomes the only logical explanation.

Honestly, the backlash from the online right-wing to this event makes it look like there might not really be any way to sell this to right-wingers in the age of the internet.

However, it can probably be sold to the left. Because they aren’t really politically engaged, and all of their information comes from the mainstream media.

And the corporate-backed online left media is all on-board.

VICE is an open neocon operation. So is Vox. So is The Daily Beast.

Social justice lunatics can be sold on the idea that Iran wants feminism and gay rights. The American-Israeli war machine can send their ISIS army into Iran and then the media can tell everyone they’re a “freedom force” fighting for tranny rights or whatever.

If you look at it this way, it’s probable that the Jews would rather have Joe Biden than Donald Trump – even for this war.

What is certain is that a whole lot of energy is going to be put into stopping Bernie Sanders.