Iraqis Burn Down Iranian Consulate for Some Reason

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2019

Who the hell knows what’s going on with these monkeys.

I certainly do not.

Although I suspect the Hebrews may be implicated.

Iraqis do really hate Iranians. But nothing goes on in this neighborhood without a Hebrew being implicated.

New York Times:

Iraqi protesters in the southern city of Najaf burned down the Iranian Consulate there on Wednesday night in an outburst of anger at Iran, witnesses said.

Video showed sizable crowds outside the consulate shouting “Out, out Iran!” and waving Iraqi flags as the building burned.

Thirty-five protesters and 32 members of the Iraqi security forces were injured, according to the police in Najaf.

Yep, that’s a fire alright.

I’ve seen some good fires in my time.

No Iranian diplomats were in the building at the time, according to witnesses and Iranian news media, and there were no reports of Iranian casualties.

But the attack struck a significant symbolic blow against Iran, which places a high value on its outposts in the Shiite Muslim heartland of southern Iraq. Najaf houses important Shiite shrines, and Iran’s presence in the city demonstrates its ties to this ancient site.

Iraqi secular and religious authorities condemned the violence but did not blame any particular group. The government imposed a curfew in Najaf until further notice.

The attack on the consulate comes amid widespread antigovernment protests, which began nearly two months ago in Baghdad. The demonstrations started as a demand for jobs and better government services but have broadened into a call for a change in government, which the demonstrators see as corrupt and beholden to Iran.

Yeah, lots of protests going around these days.

Maybe Trump should sign a bill endorsing these riots?

Many of the political parties who dominate the Iraq’s Parliament have ties to Iran.

The attack on the consulate “sends a clear message that a segment of the Iraqi society rejects the Iranian political presence in the country and holds it accountable for bringing this government,” said Sheikh Fadhil al-Budayri, a senior cleric in Najaf.

So what happened was… Iraq had a Sunni dictator named Saddam Hussein. Then America invaded Iraq because George Bush said he did 911 and was planning to nuke America.

Then America allied with the Shiite minority in the country to attempt to establish a government that would oppress the majority population which was angry about the invasion.

So you got a lot of Iranian influence.

Weird story, that.

I guess the plan was to invade Iran quickly after Iraq, and just turn it all into a total shitshow. But that didn’t happen, so Iran still has a lot of influence in the country.

But this is kind of a lot of inside baseball, isn’t it?

The number one question every American should be asking is this: “Why do I care about these people and their issues?”

Obviously, if there is a war with Iran, Iraq is going to be very important in that.

They are neighbors.

ZOG will be wanting to run ISIS type terrorists across their border. And use Iraq for the staging of bombings. And so on.

Having a population in Iraq that is angry at Iran will be good for trying to justify a heavy US military presence there.