Iraqi Arrested for Starting Forest Fire Near Rome

Diversity Macht Frei
July 28, 2017

Years ago I wrote about “forest fire jihad” and some people scoffed. Here we have another example of it.

Another pyromaniac was arrested by the carabinieri yesterday in the pine forest of Castelfusano, in the quadrant south of Rome. The man, an 36-year-old Iraqi, legally resident in the national territory, is said to have been arrested by soldiers of the Ostia forest station with two primers. He is accused of being responsible for the fire in the woods.

In his backpack the carabinieri found a home-made primer made from matches and wire, similar to one that was found, partially combusted, in the pine forest where the fire broke out.


Here is an earlier news report about this and other fires.

Italy’s weeks-long wildfires emergency continued on Tuesday. A new blaze broke out at Rome’s Castel Fusano pine wood, which was also hit by a devastating blaze last week suspected to have been caused by arsonists. Three fire brigade squads and a Canadair aircraft were in action to fight the flames.

A blaze that started on Monday in the Gargano area of Puglia, burning many hectares of forest and Mediterranean vegetation, continued overnight and two Canadair aircraft were being drafted in to battle it. A vast fire near to Santa Teresa Gallura, in Sardinia, caused over 100 people to flee from their homes.