Iraq War Hoaxer and Abominable Race Traitor Donald Rumsfeld Finally Dead

Donald Rumsfeld died.

He was a weasel race traitor and a liar who sent American lads to die in wars for the Jews.

Possibly one of the biggest all time race traitors.

Look at this:

I’ve been thinking about this Iraq War thing recently. It is actually as totally insane as the coronavirus hoax or the global weather hoax. It is totally mind-blowing, looking back, that half of America believed that Saddam Hussein had ordered 911.

As we know, virtually all of the neocons were Jews. Not 60% or 70%, but 95%.

To put that into perspective: neoconservatism was more Jewish than communism or the pornography industry.

But just like no one would purchase pornography if it was all just ugly Jews having sex with each other, it probably wouldn’t have been possible if the Jews had tried to convince people themselves of the need to do this war.

They needed goy frontmen like Rumsfeld to seal the deal.

We know the Jews do this stuff for their global racial agenda.

But why would a man betray his own people like Rumsfeld did?

What is even the point of the existence of someone like this?

What motivates a man to betray his people in order to promote a disgusting Jewish agenda?

You can say “money,” but it’s like – he was already pretty well off. And he was smart enough he could have worked at any job and made a decent living. After a person has maybe four, five, six million dollars, they can do pretty much whatever they want within reason for the rest of their life.

With even two million dollars, you can eat steak every day, have a nice house and car – what exactly do people want with these huge amounts of money?

I can understand making obscene amounts of money as part of building a legacy of greatness – that is self-explanatory to me, as a man. But Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, George Bush – any of the rest of the goyim that sided with the Jews to start these wars – they were hated in life and people will spit on their graves.


What’s it about?

Pretty much, the only explanation is that someone like this is into satanic pedophile rituals.

I honestly can’t think of anything else.

At some point, we’re going to have to reopen Pizzagate.

(The other possibility, which I think is true of a lot of Eurocrats/technocrats of the current year, is that they think they’re going to get cyborg technology that will allow them to live forever. However, why would you want to live forever unless you were a pedophile afraid of being judged by God after death?)

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