Iraq: People Storm Bahrain Embassy Protesting Kiked-Out “Deal of the Century”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 28, 2019

Iraqis rioting against the Bahrain embassy in response to a weird brochure does not bode well for Jared Kushner’s alleged peace plan.


Bahrain has condemned the storming of its embassy in Baghdad and recalled its ambassador, accusing the Iraqi government of failing to provide proper protection for the diplomatic compound.

Not all Iraqis welcomed Bahrain’s foreign minister’s call for peaceful co-existence with the state of Israel, which Khalid bin Ahmed al Khalifa made Wednesday as the Kingdom hosted a conference to peddle the US’ Israeli-Palestinian peace plan.

Condemning Donald Trump’s so-called ‘deal of the century’, hundreds of protesters took to the streets, accusing Gulf nations of being “Arab Zionists who have sold their Arab identity for a failed deal.”

At around 10:00pm local time, the crowd reached the Bahrain embassy in Baghdad before people began to climb over walls. Soon after, the mob began to burn Israeli and American flags inside the compound’s garden, as others waved Palestinian banners to show solidarity with their struggle against Israeli occupation.

While the diplomatic building itself was not stormed, the crowd did manage to place a Palestinian flag on top of it, AP reports. By midnight, Iraqi security forces had cleared out the scene after clashing with protesters. At least 54 people were arrested, Iraqi interior minister Yassin al-Yassiry told al-Sumaria.


I also found this video of the protest very inspiring.

The Iraqi protesters are digging through the ditches, burning through the witches and slamming in the back of their Dragula – standing against the evil kike shill Borjon Grinholm and his Jews and Sunnigger allies.

When you look at the fact that Trump is introducing the Palestinian plan at the same time he’s trying to launch a war against Iran, you think: “Huh, these things have to be connected somehow.” But actually, I don’t think they are. I can’t think of any reason they would be.

Now, the people allied with Trump have to defend both a war with Iran and this weird Jared Kushner real estate project in Palestine.

Theoretically, there are Sunniggers who are willing to bend on Israel if they get to destroy Iran, but you have the reverse – members of all sects of Islam moving closer to Iran, which is under attack by the same people as Palestine.

It will be even more obvious when Trump and Israel unleash ISIS on Iran that the Sunnigger Gulf alliance is the absolutely most kiked-out thing this side of the US government.

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