Iranian Media Publishes Article on Decadent Debauchery of Saudi Prince

Yo can I get a physiognomy check?

You might meet a black guy here and there who has something interesting going on. However, you will never meet a Gulf Arab who is anything other than a totally soulless seeker of debauched pleasures.

They are a race of morons. All they care about is extravagance and weird, depraved sexual acts.

Iran’s PressTV has an intriguing report on the activities of the current Saudi ruler:

A report reveals that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) has spent a whopping $ 1.18 billion on lavish celebrations, cruise ships and female supermodels since taking power in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

The revelation by the Africa Report website sheds light on the Saudi crown prince’s penchant for extravagance and an array of prestige purchases he made between 2015 and 2017.

Bin Salman opted to go on vacation in July 2015 but intended to spend the leisure time far from the “prying eyes” of the public and instead of choosing the Saudi royal family’s typical holiday haunts in France and Spain, he chose the highly exclusive, sumptuous Velaa Resort in the Maldives.

Described as a paradise floating atop the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, the luxurious resort had some 50 villas perched above splendid coral reefs, it said. Bin Salman alongside a small gang of his friends were said to have been enchanted by the resort’s posh amenities, including nightclubs, pools and bars serving alcoholic drinks.

“Before the Saudis arrived, close to 150 Brazilian and Russian supermodels were welcomed on the island,” the report said, adding that they were tested for venereal diseases before being driven to the villas.

(Note: Before you marry your perfect trad Eastern Euro bride, please, please, please check her passport to see if she has travelled to any Arab country. If she’s been there, an Arabian price has literally taken a shit on her chest and probably her face. That’s what they do.)

In line with other raunchy activities to keep his companions entertained, the Saudi crown ordered concerts that featured such celebrities as the rapper Pitbull, Korean pop star Psy and Dutch DJ Afrojack.

The report said the resort’s 300 employees were each paid $5,000 for one month to handle preparations for the extravagant concerts, not counting the huge tips they pocketed.

Bin Salman and his friends were forced to leave the scenic island in August that year after news finally traveled about the crown prince’s extravagance and spending spree there.

During another vacation at traditional French Riviera in the mid-2017, the Saudi crown prince reportedly fell in love with a splendid, almost 135-meter-long yacht named “Serene,” which featured a Jacuzzi, an underwater viewing room, two helipads, a cinema and a gym.

The report said US billionaire and software developer Bill Gates had leased the ship to the tune of $5 million per week a year earlier but bin Salman after renting it for a day decided to “have it all to himself.”

He is currently selling out the entirety of the Moslem world to the Jews.

He is setting the framework for the building of a “Middle East Union,” which will actually just be another name for the project that has been known as “Greater Israel.”

The Jews are going to be allowed to build their temple on the Temple Mount, right next to the Dome of the Rock. The two structures will exist alongside one another, and it will be declared that “Jerusalem is a city for all the great religions.”

Evangelical pastors will go along with this. Basically all of them will. Because none of them are really any better than the Saudi Prince. They might not get yachts with 150 STD-free supermodels. Most of them would probably prefer little boys anyway. But they are all men of the world, involved in some form of gross sex.

As I wrote in my Valentine’s Day article – this sex stuff is an illusion, designed to play on your senses, to suck you into the devil’s world. This world belongs to the devil. We, as children of God, are from a higher plane, and we are simply travelers here.

Resisting sin is a matter of resisting the trappings of this plane, which offer us sensual pleasures.

Remember, Satan took Our Lord Jesus up on a mountain and told him he would give him power over the whole world – because it belonged to Satan, and Satan had the authority to give it to him, if he simply bowed in submission. This was basically offering him a 500-foot yacht and 150 STD free supermodels.

And remember this: Jesus was tempted.

Jesus was God, but he was in the flesh, and it is impossible to be in the flesh and not feel temptation.

In this coming future, there are going to be temptations you cannot begin to imagine now. It probably won’t be 150 STD free supermodels. But it will be opportunities to escape from the suffering that is coming down.

You must remember that this life is a test. You win by resisting temptation.