Iranian Hackers Hacked Dutch Schools to Steal Books to Use in School

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 14, 2020

A typical Islamo-hacker compound

I just can’t even hardly take it anymore.

Accusing these countries of hacking is EXACTLY THE SAME as accusing them of witchcraft.

It cannot be proved either way and you just have to trust the person making the claim.

But surely, the dumber these claims get, the harder they are to believe, no?

I mean if we’re at the point where evil Iranian government hackers are hacking for the purpose of bypassing copyright law, we’ve surely gone too far, have we not?


Government-backed Iranian hackers have targeted universities in Europe, the United States and Australia in recent months, consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers has found, Dutch broadcaster NOS reported on Friday.

It is unclear whether the attempts to break into computer systems, including those of three Dutch universities, were successful.

The hackers were attempting to steal academic literature and course material to use in Iranian schools, the NOS said, citing PricewaterhouseCoopers’ cyber security specialist Gerwin Naber.

I cannot even believe that Reuters would publish this. Of course there is someone saying it, but Reuters made the decision to publish it uncritically. They didn’t call and ask the Iranians, or call and ask a real expert on hacking how likely it is that this would be true.

The theory the media is running with is that evil non-democratic governments hack everything and thus every claim of hacking is true.

Just as the Jesuits have their own “Black Pope” within the Catholic Church, Iranian hackers have their own “Black Ayatollah” who is responsible for providing classrooms with pirated school books.

Why the Iranians would not simply download pirated copies of teaching material on Sci-Hub, get them from the Chinese, or buy one copy and then violate the copyright by making many copies of it and distributing it, is not asked.

And you would think that would be the most obvious question.

The other obvious question would be how this hacking is happening, but I suppose that is more than the goyim who read this drivel would be able to comprehend anyway.